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Want to go ice skating with sexy Chicago Singles? Click!

Mingle Around goes Ice Skating with singlesIce Skating

A Mingle Around™ social event

Venue Name:  Millenium Park

Age Range:    All Ages

Event Price:  $2

Start Time:   5:30 Event Date:  Mon Jan 9, 2012


We are going Ice Skating!

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get out of the house and Mingle more? Is it to be more active? Or was it to find someone special this year? Great! Let’s start accomplishing all three resolutions in one fun night out!

We’ll meet up after work; beat the Monday Blues and ice skate with a great group of Mingle Around Members. This is a great event for new members to join us at, even if you’ve never skated before! Activities always make meeting new people so much easier, and with our amazing group of active and fun singles this is sure to be a blast.

We’ll Mingle at Park Grill and skate from 5pm-8pm. Park Grill is next to the skating rink, Mingle Around will have a few tables inside for us to Mingle at away from the ice and will have room to grab a bite to eat.

Meet Us:

Meet us at 5-5:30 at the skating rental area. Your event host (Jill Jackson) will be wearing a name tag and will have a long grey coat on. After 5:30, we’ll be on the ice or inside the Grill. We’ll have a sign at the Grill and the hostess or bartender will be able to direct you to us. Text or call Jill @ 708-248-2348 if you can’t find us.


The event fee is $2. Purchase your ticket on the Mingle Around Singles Website here!

If you wish to skate, the skate rental is $10 and you’ll rent the skates when you arrive. If you bring your own ice skates, the skating is free.


Click here for a google map to the park.

More information:

Click here for the website to Millenium Park

Click here to see our other website with the list of attendees.

Friend us on facebook!
See you soon!

About last nights “CaffeineDating” event

I had the pleasure of hosting a speed dating event on Friday night with 22 of Chicago’s finest singles over 40. What makes this event unique is the fact it truly was “speed” dating… we were all hopped up on caffeine instead of liquor!

No offense to liquor, I do enjoy a glass of wine with dinner  or shot of tequilla on the weekend, but sometimes it’s nice to change the scenery. Argo Tea partnered with us and allowed us to use the private space upstairs from the Tea Cafe on 1 North Dearborn. This room had a pretty amazing view (okay, not amazing…we were only one story up…but it was a nice view with huge floor to ceiling windows!) and had the smell of teas and coffee tickling our noses.

Disaster #1… What room?

Upon my arrival I searched for the manager with whom I booked the room and scheduled catering with. He was no where in sight and my private room was full of students. I also was getting nervous because I was not seeing my catered foods and drinks…. uh ohh.

I’m thinking, “Did I book the wrong day? Did they forget my event? When is everyone going to show up? Why is the room so hot?”

I grabbed the barista from the cafe and asked her when my room would be set up and she looked at me blankly and said,”What event?”

“Ha! You’re kidding right? What room! Funny! Who set you up to this?” was my response.

She then explained that the manager who I’ve been working with all month was actually not with the company as of this morning…. WHAT!?

BUT, Argo Tea was super awesome and lickety split got my room set up and offered the daters complimentary food and great beverages from the cafe. It worked out well for us… just started out as an event planners worst nightmare!

Disaster #1 fixed.

Disaster #2… Too many men…

Speed Dating is a difficult event to keep the ratio of men to women even. No matter how hard I try something always happens. This particular event was booked even 11 men, 11 women. Then the day of THREE women called to cancel due to work or family issues. Three?! Come on, cut me a break here! I can’t have too many men, especially three men too many!

So, I post some quick ads on Facebook and twitter and get three great gals to fill the spot (I had a waiting list for the event, so filling the spots wasn’t a problem).  Great, back to even. Easy….or so I thought!

One male paid and didn’t show up, and another female showed up at the door with confirmation but I hadn’t had her name on my email list. (Website bug… fixed). So, I started out with too many men, now I have two women to many. Which I think actually worked out fine as we had 10 men and 12 women. The women had two rounds of “No date” which gave them time to freshen up in the washroom, text their best friend (hopefully telling them to come to a Mingle Around event!) or refill their beverage.

disaster #2…. fixed, but reversed!

Disaster # 3…. Is it hot in here?

I’m a nervous gal. Mingle Around is my baby and I’ve got my name all over it. If it fails, I fail. Hence, I get nervous before events because I want everyone to have a good time and positively speak to other single friends about Mingle (hopefully a 5 star Yelp! review too). So when I was sweating upstairs dealing with “disasters” I thought it was just me. It wasn’t. It turns out I was fine, the room was just hot. Like really hot. We’ll have that fixed for the next upcoming “CaffeineDating” event, I think the new manager just didn’t have the key yet for the heat control. So if you were at the event and sweating due to nerves, no one would know!

Disaster #3 not fixed, but could have worked in your advantage!

That’s it for the disasters.

The event actually ROCKED. About an 90 minutes of “mingling” and a 90% mutual match rate for our singles. The speed dating had a great crowd of attractive singles over 40 who really were personable and fun. Most of the speed daters hadn’t actually been to a speed dating event before, so it was a new concept for a lot. I sure hope they had a great time. I’ve received a few thank you emails the day after, I’ve attached a photo of one. The thank you emails are my absolute favorite thing about this job…. it’s wonderful doing something that people love!

Upcoming CaffeineDating Event- For singles in their 20’s and 30’s. Friday November 26

Other upcoming events http://minglearound.com/Chicago-Singles-Events-2011

Thank you letter

Thank you letter

She is a 10- but doesn’t get hit on.

Last night, I celebrated Halloween with a few friends. We stopped by the Roof on the Wit, which was full despite the chilly weather.

Typically when I’m out at a bar I can’t help but watch the crowd dynamics. I like to see who’s flirting, who’s singles, who’s taken and who’s cheating. Naturally, I’m a people watcher and the Wit was giving me a great show. My single friends know that going out with me usually ends up with a long night of questions on their perception of others. I like to know what people find attractive and the best way to do this is to play  a non killing version of the Shag, Marry, Kill game with total stranger as our victims.  “If you could take any person home tonight, who and why?” and “If you had to marry one person here, who would it be and why?”   Not the most professional way to extract information from someone, but guaranteed to be interesting.

The most popular girl in the evening to both marry and shag in the bar tonight was “The Swan”– a tall fit blonde who was a “10” in anyones book. She was wearing what appeared to be a white swan dress with feathers and sequins everywhere. It was classy and form-fitting but not the typical “slutty version” Halloween costume. unfortunately for her she had been sitting surrounded by girlfriends and looking very unhappy all night. I noticed men looking at her, but no one approached.

A little later in the evening I had happened to strike up a conversation with Swan while waiting for the washroom. Swan was out with friends, though didn’t have a date. She also confessed (it’s amazing what a little liquor does) that she felt silly in her outfit, and wishes she had worn something more revealing because none of the men would talk to her.

Being a matchmaker and dating coach I had to let her know that the men were looking at her and attracted to her, but she was giving off bad body language. By sitting with girlfriends on a couch with her arms crossed around her body she was not giving off “come hither” signs.  I told her to look up from her drink more and smile while keeping her arms UNcrossed and just at her sides. I also told her to step away from her group of gal pals, as men are often intimidated of a group of girls. Her choice of outfit was not a hinderance, in fact the costume flattered her and left something to the imagination. The only hinderance was her attitude wearing it. Swan said she didn’t realize she was giving out “No” signals and was going to try to look approachable.

About thirty minutes later I noticed Swan and a zombie getting  to know each other. She had taken my advice and was a few seats away from her friends, giving good body language and appeared to be interested in him. He was digging on her too. She smiled at me when I as leaving, and I was happy to have helped make a love connection for a love hungry swan and blood hungry zombie.

Happy Halloween to my readers! As a treat (not trick) for you, please enjoy 25% off Friday nights (November 4th) Nuts & Bolts Party- follow this link and enter “blogread30” as the coupon code.

About last night (10/14)

I host singles events in Chicago and after most events, I’ll blog a few thoughts about the night from both a matchmakers point of view and as a new small business owner.

Last night was a young professional’s singles mixer with at “Nuts & Bolts” theme as an icebreaker. I also had two singles on a first blind date, professionally matched by me. A lot was happening and that’s the way I love it! I was nervous about the blind date for my two single friends, and I was nervous that the party wouldn’t be as much of a success as it was. I had  no reason to fear- as the party was AMAZING and the blind daters are both very happy with each other.

48 sexy singles had RSVP’d and almost everyone showed up plus a few singles from the bar next door. I love when that happens- people peek into our private room and they get interested and started mingling with us!

The first two singles that walked in the door were very attractive smart girls who are brand new to Chicago. Without knowing anyone in this big city, they say it makes meeting people even more difficult and I understand. Both ladies approached me at the end of the night to thank me for hosting the party. Both ladies had met a few potential dates and had a bunch of new numbers in their smart phones.

Interesting turn of events, I had a (competing) professional matchmaker show up at my event and introduce herself to me. She and I had a chance to chat for a bit and she seemed like a sweet girl. I’m always flattered when other Chicago matchmakers ask me for advice or to discuss partnering up. This is the third time I’ve had other Chicago area matchmakers attend my events to either meet me or “scout out” the competition. It’s always a strange feeling knowing that your competition is watching every move you make, but it keeps you on your toes!

Speaking of competition, I had the chance to meet Ben Shimon- who runs S3 leagues– a singles sports league team in Chicago. He came out last night to introduce himself, meet some ladies and to hand out flyers for his upcoming fall/winter bowling, volleyball and whirlyball leagues. We had spoke earlier in the week about cross promoting and hit it off well over the phone. Though we both cater to singles in Chicago- we have different products, so working together seems smart. I’m glad he came out and am looking forward to working together with him on some large events in the future. Quick promo spot- Check out his website and join a league for the winter!

I must be starting to “come into my own” as everyday I’m receiving emails or phone calls from potential sponsors, partners and interested parties. It’s nice that after so long I’m starting to get to where I want to be. Hopefully by this time next year I’ll be able to focus 100% of my time on Mingle Around and produce amazing events every night of the week. My “day” job is great, but people always say the way to true happiness is to do what you love. I love Mingle and am excited to do what I love.

Back to the party! The party itself was great. There were a good mixture of singles and it’s always fun watching the natural interactions between people. Mixer events are truly one of the best ways to meet someone and events with an icebreaker (such as nuts & bolts matching) only help to facilitate the natural progression of mingling. When you have a superficial goal such as earning raffle tickets for prizes- you have a natural out of conversations that you don’t want to be in AND a natural reason to speak to attractive or interesting singles. Unlike online dating- you actually get to feel a real connection with potential mates and you save time when there isn’t one. Photos from singles event here!

As always there were a few “fails”.

 Fail #1. “The girl or guy who can’t hold her liquor”
Repeat after me: “Too much liquor makes you sicker”. When you’re the girl falling off of bar stools while asking to take someone home, you’ve probably had too much. If you’re the guy saying yes to the girl- you are either an asshole or a predator. Now, thankfully- this did not happen at the Mingle Around party last night, but I watched it happen at the bar after the event was over. I’m the one who caught her falling off of the bar stool. When I asked her if she wanted me to catch her a cab and to walk her out of the bar- the jerk of a guy she was talking with pushed me away and told me he’d be taking care of her. Of course he told me this with a wink. Really. A wink that said “Yes, I know this girl if drunk as a skunk, and I know you know… but yes, I’m still going to take her home and do all types of wrong things to her.”

Fail #2 “I forgot my shoes”
It’s happened before and will probably happen again, but I left my house in “house slippers” instead of my black heels. I hate heels and only wear them when necessary- so I had worn my glittery flats while dressing and to catch a cab. I had thought that I packed my black heels with my nuts & bolts party box, but had forgotten them by my front door. I’m not uspet, my house slippers are cool- gold sparkles and all, but it just goes to show that I really would forget my head if it wasn’t attached (though, it was nice to wake up this morning without aching feet!).
That’s it for fails, and I had to really stretch to find something. It truly was an amazing night.

I hope you can make it out to the next event we host and help make the night even more spectacular. Singles event can be found on our website http://www.MingleAround.com.

Have a great weekend everyone!