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Five sad Christmas songs. Do not play!

I love Christmas. I love Christmas songs. I despise these songs though…

Five sad Christmas songs Mingle Around will NOT be adding to our holiday singles party soundtrack.

1. Wham! Last Christmas… with lines about tearing a heart apart, who wouldn’t add this song to their “Do not play” list?

2. Elvis. Blue Christmas… “I’ll be so blue with out you. Christmas won’t be the same if you’re not here with me” These are lyrics that just don’t bring a smile to my face.

3. Please Come Home for Christmas by Charles Brown…. “My babys gone, I have no friends…” Just downloading this youtube video to embed to the blog already brought tear to my eye. Warning! Do not play this song!

4. What Do the Lonely Do for Christmas? By The Emotions…. “I know it’s joy to the world, but it’s sad for me” What do the lonely do? They don’t listen to songs like this!

5. The Christmas Shoes. All the little boy wants is to buy a pair of shoes for his dying mother on Christmas eve. Come on song writers…. let’s write happier songs! “Daddy says there’s not much time…” Hello Tear Jerker.

What songs am I missing? Merry Christmas everyone!


Top 6 BEST halloween costumes for single Chicago women

Halloween night is almost like being on vacation, no one expects you to dress or act like yourself. Cut loose, dress crazy and have fun! Here are the top 6 Chicago single female Halloween costume ideas for all you girls out there. If you’re looking for a Chicago Halloween party- Mingle Around is hosting a singles Halloween party in Chicago. Wear one of these Halloween costumes there! You can also wear it on the haunted tour of Chicago. Information on the tour can be found here.

Katy Perry – Voted one of the sexiest women alive… you can’t go wrong with looking like her for the Halloween party!  Please, make sure you have the body for an outfit like this! 

Dress like Katy Perry for halloween in Chicago! Womens costume ideas

Dress like Katy Perry for Halloween in Chicago! Womens costume ideas

Pan Am stewardess – One of my favorite television shows this fall is Pan Am. The flight attendants blue suits are sexy in a subtle way. “Can I refill your drink?”

Panam girl for a womens Chicago halloween costume

Panam girl for a women's Chicago Halloween costume

Mad Men – My go to outfit has always been a 60’s housewife. Something about gloves and pillbox hats always did me in. Dress up like Joan or Betty and maybe you’ll meed a Don Drapper…

Joan from Mad Men for a womens chicago Halloween Costume

Joan from Mad Men for a women's Chicago Halloween costume

The twitter bird – Adding your twitter name (@minglearound!) can be a fun way to get some single guys names/twitter names

Sexy twitter bird for a womens chicago Halloween Costume

Sexy twitter bird for a women's Chicago Halloween costume

Sexy something – The “go to” Halloween costume in Chicago and every other city world-wide.  Think of any cartoon character, movie heroine, game or item. Add the word “sexy” before and hoist the girls up high. Tada! You are now a sexy game of Scramble….

Sexy game of Scrabble? Halloween Costume

Sexy game of Scrabble? Halloween Costume

The Birds – Strike up a conversation with a fellow Alfred Hitchcock fan with this fun Halloween costume. Be Tippy from The Birds.

Chicago womens halloween costume idea. Tippy from The Birds

Chicago women's Halloween costume idea. Tippy from The Birds

Chicago Matchmaker FAIL

Matchmaker fail last night. Really, I don’t fail often so it’s hard to write about it, but a great learning experience. I match at least a couple a week, and I’ve had a pretty good run so far. Some matches are “meeh” some have continued to see each other and some part as friends, but I’ve yet to have a couple HATE each other after 2 hours. especially a couple I thought had so much in common.

He’s a pretty boy, well brought up, high maintenance. Tall, broad shoulders with a deep voice. Very attractive. He works in a stressful and very time-consuming position in the financial district, doing something he doesn’t really love, but it is what is expected of him to do. He says he’s looking for an equal in the relationship, a true partner. Someone who understands his long hours at work and waking up at 5 in the morning to hit the gym, says he wants someone who has also “made it” in the world and has a strong will.

She’s hot. Really, really hot. But not in a sultry way. More in the high maintenance way. She’s also very intelligent and doesn’t take no for an answer. She’s a bit of a ball buster. She told me she wants a man who knows who he is, knows whats he’s doing in life and is ready to start a family- but understands her career is very important and won’t mind if she works long hours. Shes the “everything” kinda woman who you imagine wakes up after 4 hours of sleep every night looking just as amazing as ever and is ready to conquer another day.

Disaster. What I found out AFTER the date is the truth about what they both want. Unsaid expectations make it really hard to properly match a couple. I think that many people have expectations on a potential partner that even they don’t realize.

What he actually wants is someone more like his mother. A woman who worked in real estate until she had her first child and then gave it up to raise a family. He wants someone who is smart, attractive and has it “together” but is willing to give up the career in order to take care of him and the family.  He does want someone strong, someone active and a ball buster, as long as it’s not his balls.

She…. she’s a different story. Raised by a single mother and as an only child, she expects to and wants carry on with her career after having a child. She feels like there always needs to be a “plan b” in case something goes wrong, and giving up her successful career isn’t an option to raise a family. She turned out alright with her mother working long hours, there is no reason why she can’t carry on the tradition. She is attracted to strong men, but is very competitive and truly wants to out do her partner- not in an angry way, but in a way that says “Look! Your great, but I’m great too!”

Disaster. I should have known better. Oh, she’s a republican (die-hard) and he isn’t involved in the political scene (much to the dismay of his family). That was a deal breaker waiting to happen.

Dating tip: When back out in the dating world, it’s important to really know what you want and what sort of future you want. When you can describe how you see your life in the next 5 years, and what sort of partner will make you happy, it’s much easier to find the perfect partner.

So…. about the date.

I’m a fan of laid back “first dates”, and asked the two of them to meet at a local coffee shop at 7pm. They had each others photo and phone numbers.  Both were excited to meet and when hearing about each others backgrounds and traits, were comfortable with the idea of meeting.

He said “Jill, she was 10 minutes late and I was talking to a couple next to me whom I’ve seen around before in the neighborhood. When she came in, I recognized her immediately and thought she was even hotter in person. Until she sat down with a scowl on her face asking who I was talking too… I thought Damn…. not one of these types.”

She said “I was running late and tried calling him but my call went straight to voice mail. When I got to Starbucks, he was sitting across from a pretty cute, younger girl with his arm on her shoulder, laughing it up. I wasn’t jealous, but I was annoyed already at this point.”

Then they both go into details about arguing over the national debt, the Rahm inauguration, whose job is more time consuming, etc etc etc.

FIRST OFF! Don’t talk about politics! Jeez people. Sex, Religion, Money, Family Disaster and Politics. STAY OFF THOSE SUBJECTS on a FIRST DATE!

to be continued…

Getting asked out is hard work! (Girls only!)

Girls, do you think just sitting on the bus with your nose in a Kindle is going to get you a date on Friday night?  If you answered yes… well… you better be Megan Fox in a bikini on a crowded 157 bus, otherwise it probably isn’t going to happen.

 Getting asked out or becoming approached is hard work, don’t let anyone tell you different. Let the man know you are interested… make it easier to make the approach, show him you are available for conversation and you won’t push him away with that “I’m taken” or “I’m a lesbian” line women are known for. How do you do this? Easy… 1-2-3.

1. Smile  

The best smile in this situation is the “coy” smile. Eyes down… then back up- glance at him and when he catches you, wait 2 seconds and then glance down and smile (closed mouth little smile… like you just thought of a funny joke at a funeral and don’t want to be disrespectful) – He’ll see this and be on the seat next to you shortly… trust me.

2. Open Arms, Open Heart

Don’t have anything in your arms. No phone, no book, no stack of paperwork, no burger from Epic. Nothing! If… if you are on the bus or another spot where you just have to have something, make sure your arms aren’t crossed, the book isn’t clutched tightly in your hand in front of your chest or under your nose. Your phone is not pressed against your ear or attached to your fingertips for quick texting. Nothing should be blocking the energy between you and Mr. Right.

3. The Bump

Warning! For experienced Minglers ONLY! You’ve made the smile, the eye contact and you’re not buried under your book, but he still hasn’t taken the bait? The last measure is “The Bump”. It’s a crowded bar or bus and he’s just a few feet away. You’ve made eye contact once or twice but he hasn’t approached. Find a reason, any reason to get closer to him and gently… causally bump into him. As you brush his arm in a quick apology walk away. If he’s smart he’ll be thankful that you made it easy for him to approach. If he’s a bit dense, he’ll just be happy for a reason to approach!

Let him find you in a bit to ask if you’re okay, he didn’t mean to bump into you(If he only knew!).  Take the conversation from there, but always let him think he did all the hard work!

Happy Mingling!

P.s. Check out the upcoming Singles Events to try out your new “approach” skill!


Jill Jackson

Happy Mothers Day.

The day started out well enough. It’s a beautiful mothers day Sunday, I called my mom to say “Happy Mothers Day” and to ask if she received my gift yet. When I asked about her gift, she states that  all she wants is a grandchild. Ohhh, woe is her to have three daughters in their child-bearing years and not a baby shower in sight.

 “Jill, just settle down and get married already… you know what happens to women who are single in their 30’s right?”

“No, mom… please indulge me on your special day. I’d love to know what will happen in 87 days when I turn 30.”

“You know very well what happens, your child-bearing years are coming to an end, men start looking at younger women. You’re the matchmaker you should know this by now. It’s time to get serious about getting married… before nobody wants you.”

“Jeez, thanks Mom.”

I understand that she is ready to be a grandmother, but I’m not yet ready to be a mother. I’ve still got a few more years of frolicking up my sleeve and am not convinced that life is over as a 30 year old unmarried woman. I constantly match women in their 30’s and beyond with men who are crazy about them. Age ain’t nothing but a number… just don’t tell my mother!

Happy mothers day Mom. I promise you’ll have a grand baby you can spoil someday… will a grandpuppy work in the meantime?! Thank you for teaching me everything I know about love, life and relationships. And no, turning 30 in 2011 is not like turning 30 in 1980…. we’ve got plenty of time to figure it all out!

To all my single mothers out there, XOXO. Happy Mothers Day!

Please don’t show off your breasts tonight.

Or do it, I personally don’t care… but don’t show your boobies to every man in the bar for 5 cent beads, then go crying to your best friend asking why no one respects you the next morning.

If you really want to show off the girls, become a stripper and get paid at least a buck a pop!

Happy Mardi Gras Everyone!!!  I’m heading out to enjoy the debauchery of the evening. I’ll post pics later.


Dumped on Valentines day & list of parties tonight

I was in major puppy love. Sixteen years old and in love with the most popular senior in high school. We had been dating about two months now, with romantic gestures, letters, poems, flowers, candy and the whole nine yards for the entire relationship. I thought I was in a “so bad it’s good” 80’s movie.

Imagine this naive, love struck girl going into her locker and to her surprise instead of a love letter she finds a breakup letter… on the most romantic day of the year. A three page, tear stained breakup letter with lines such as “it’s not you, it’s me” and “there are other fish in the sea”.

*Enter overdramatic break up scene and my mother threatening to call him and find out what kind of boy breaks up with a girl on Valentines day. Helloooo high school drama*

I’ve been able to top this dramatic heart wrenching break up with other heart breaking Valentines days though. One ex admitted to cheating on me after one to many glasses of red wine and promises to love each other no matter what….

“Jill, you love me no matter what?”
“Of course, love of my life, what is it?”
“Well, you know last weekend when I told you I had to work late?”

BAM! That one hit me right in the gut! I should have known it was coming… Happy Valentines Day to me!

I haven’t let these heartaches in the past ruin my optimism for future relationships and either should you. Your past relationships shouldn’t ruin your future ones.

Let go of the pain someone may have caused you.
Let go of the guilt if you have caused someone else pain.
Apologize or accept apology and move on!
Life is really, really short and love is really, really important… get out there and find it!

Here is a short list of great events for singles in Chicago this weekend. None of these events are sponsored by, but they all look fun! For more ideas become a member or member!

Some events this weekend for singles in Chicago
Fado’s Irish Pub– Get a free beer if you bring a photo of your ex.
12th annual “Screw Cupid” event
A singles party in River North
Laugh it up!

About last night…

I hosted a Singles “Nuts & Bolt’s” party. As usual I was nervous as could be. It is stressful throwing a party, let alone a party with over 150 guests who all have the same goal and have paid me to help in finding it.

Two of my “cupids” had family emergencies (my heart goes out to both of them) so I was already down on my help, this was only my second event in Chicago since moving back from good ‘ol Tennessee… I forgot my pens… I lost a bag of nuts on the way in… my heels were killing me.  Oh… and it just started snowing HEAVY. After handling these emergencies I finally got the bar set up, tables arranged with mints on the tables, lit the candles and set up the name tags and placed the nuts and bolts out. I was nervous, but I was ready to rock! The remaining cupids showed up, my photographer arrived early and things were looking great. Looks like my bad luck was over and the good luck was starting to roll in because the singles started arriving at 7pm.

 By 7:30 we had about 30 singles ready to mingle. By 8:00 we had close to 100 and at 8:15 we surpassed our RSVP count and were over 150 singles. WOW!!!  The nuts and bolts party was in full swing. You had a 1 in 5 chance of finding a match and everyone was searching for that match. I had bought extra large and extra small bolts and the matching nuts so it’s fun to watch the guy with the TINY bolt trying to make a fit to the lady with the gigantic nut! Always guaranteed for a few laughs. A few of the singles were a bit shy and hung out in the back, just observing but I noticed after about 30 minutes these shy singles were out there shoving their bolts into nuts and nuts into bolt, laughing and cracking up with everyone.

The people:  Talk about a melting pot!  I had Brazilians with sexy accents, cowboys with sexy hats, cougars looking for boy toys, sales executives, lawyers, a  doctor, a veterinarian, two school teachers (both of them were HOT!), sexy ladies in their 40’s and 50’s, three police officers, sexy men in their 40’s and 50’s, a few people in their early 60’s, college girls, a brewery owner,  frat boys, Hispanics, African-Americans, Caucasians, Jewish guys and gals, Catholic guys and gals, a Wiccan, Republicans, Democrats, a lot of 30-39 year olds, a firefighter, a brick layer, two office managers and someone who works for Groupon. I had “matchmaking” form that people filled out; it’s so neat to see how different we all are, but how similar we all are too.

The raffle tickets were a bit of a hassle. Being down two Cupid’s, I had to utilize only one raffle ticket and nuts/bolts exchange station. Trust me, it got crowed. Finding a match is great, but getting a raffle ticket for cash, Victoria’s Secrets presents, gift cards and perfumes can be the icing on the cake… and no one wanted to miss out on this!  I’ll make sure the next event has two raffle stations.

My Cupid, Colleen, mentioned at the end of the night that she saw two people leaving together hand in hand. I received a phone call this morning (a little too early – and you know who you are!) thanking us for the night. She and he went out to grab a bite to eat and to talk a bit more. She says that he walked her back to her car around 1am, gave her a quick kiss goodbye and then sent her an email 30 minutes later saying how great it was to meet her! They have plans for next weekend. I love hearing this. It makes everything worth while.  This love connection wasn’t the only one. I personally saw 3 (THREE!) couples getting close on the dance floor and maybe even swap a kiss at the end of the night (I notice everything!). I wish them the best of luck and tell them to call me if there is a love connection!!!  A few people told me that they exchanged phone numbers and many people told me how much fun it was and how different a Nuts & Bolts party is compared to a typical night out.

About the bar:

Houndstooth Saloon  is one of my favorites. The decor is cute and sexy, the music is great and the drink specials are outstanding. The only problem is all the singles had winter coats, but no coat room. Another issue (my fault) is the bottle neck that happened when you walked in. We had placed the check in tables to close to the entrance and caused a bit of a hold up. Live and learn, right? I thought my cocktail waitress was right on it- even with all these customers she was friendly and sweet. She also kept asking me to find her a date, and I’m going to keep my word and find her someone sweet. I’d love to do more events here in the future.  

Over all, the night was great. I personally met some awesome new friends and made some love connections. More events are coming; I hope to see you at the next one!

Visit us online at :

Fall into love

Lame title. I know.

Fall is the end of summer flings. It’s time to get serious. Fall is a chance for new beginnings. Men and women both tell me that fall makes them a little nostalgic, a little more romantic, a little more serious about finding someone to cuddle with. The cold Chicago weather is a reminder that a warm body to curl up next to would be a great thing.

What are you doing this fall to increase your chances of finding someone?