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Nuts & Bolts Singles Party @ Joes on Weed St. (20’s-40’s)

Nuts & Bolts™ Party

A Mingle Around™ social event

Venue Name:  Joe’s Bar

Age Range:    late 20’s-early 40’s

Event Price:  $25 now/$35 door

Start Time:   7:30

Event Date:  Sat Jan. 14, 2012

A new twist on social events!

A Nuts & Bolts™ party is a unique and slightly sexy way to meet many upscale, outgoing and attractive singles. This event is geared towards singles in their late 20’s to early 40’s. Mix and Mingle with whom you are attracted to.

Join us at Joes’s Bar on Weed Street, a fun sports bar and concert venue just off of North and Clybourne area. We will be nibbling on delicious complimentary appetizers from 7:30-8:30, enjoying $3 domestic beers and well drink specials all night long and mingling with an upscale, young and attractive Chicago singles crowd. The Nuts & Bolts party starts at 8pm and raffle prize drawing is at 10pm. Live music begins at 10pm and your paid admission to the Nuts & Bolts Party allows you to stay with out paying a cover to Joes.

Purchase your ticket online NOW before we sell out! Tickets here.

For more information about what to expect at a Nuts and Bolts party please visit here (Nuts & Bolts Parties).

View some of our registered guest list here:

Our Facebook page has some great conversations going on. Feel free to join in!


Want to go ice skating with sexy Chicago Singles? Click!

Mingle Around goes Ice Skating with singlesIce Skating

A Mingle Around™ social event

Venue Name:  Millenium Park

Age Range:    All Ages

Event Price:  $2

Start Time:   5:30 Event Date:  Mon Jan 9, 2012


We are going Ice Skating!

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get out of the house and Mingle more? Is it to be more active? Or was it to find someone special this year? Great! Let’s start accomplishing all three resolutions in one fun night out!

We’ll meet up after work; beat the Monday Blues and ice skate with a great group of Mingle Around Members. This is a great event for new members to join us at, even if you’ve never skated before! Activities always make meeting new people so much easier, and with our amazing group of active and fun singles this is sure to be a blast.

We’ll Mingle at Park Grill and skate from 5pm-8pm. Park Grill is next to the skating rink, Mingle Around will have a few tables inside for us to Mingle at away from the ice and will have room to grab a bite to eat.

Meet Us:

Meet us at 5-5:30 at the skating rental area. Your event host (Jill Jackson) will be wearing a name tag and will have a long grey coat on. After 5:30, we’ll be on the ice or inside the Grill. We’ll have a sign at the Grill and the hostess or bartender will be able to direct you to us. Text or call Jill @ 708-248-2348 if you can’t find us.


The event fee is $2. Purchase your ticket on the Mingle Around Singles Website here!

If you wish to skate, the skate rental is $10 and you’ll rent the skates when you arrive. If you bring your own ice skates, the skating is free.


Click here for a google map to the park.

More information:

Click here for the website to Millenium Park

Click here to see our other website with the list of attendees.

Friend us on facebook!
See you soon!

Where are the Chicago Single Women? (Great pick up bar)

A great Singles Pick Up Bar - Mingle AroundOkay, I hate the idea of a “pick up bar”, but I just have to say it- I found a great Chicago “pick up” bar!I went to The Joynt last week and again this week for work related matters and the place was SWARMING with gorgeous single ladies. No rings on those fingers, guys!

It’s kinda my duty as a matchmaker and social event coordinator to inform YOU about these things, so here I am, telling you. Listen up!

The Joynt is a swanky retro styled piano bar in River North, Chicago. It’s upscale, but not overly pretentious. The guests are classy and very attractive. This place has live music every night, which keeps the ladies dancing and keeps them coming back for more! Don’t fret about going alone, the place is so busy that no one will notice if you’re sitting at the bar by yourself, of if you’re with a huge crowd of friends.

Dress code- I’m not sure if there was a “dress code” but the ladies were all dolled up, the men were in suit jackets and dark jeans (God, I love that look!)

Other notes- If you want a little more privacy and a quieter space, head downstairs. There is a “lounge” area that’s much more chill.

If you’re striking out at the  Joynt, there are about 10 great bars in that area for you to hit up next. But if you keep striking out, you might want to consult a matchmaker or a date coach to see if there are some things you could tweak to improve your skill.

Best of luck!

Please, email me if you know a great “singles bar” in Chicago. I’ll check it out and write a little blurb! Also, check out our upcoming singles events. No need to find a singles bar if you know someone who hosts great singles events!