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Where are the Chicago Single Women? (Great pick up bar)

A great Singles Pick Up Bar - Mingle AroundOkay, I hate the idea of a “pick up bar”, but I just have to say it- I found a great Chicago “pick up” bar!I went to The Joynt last week and again this week for work related matters and the place was SWARMING with gorgeous single ladies. No rings on those fingers, guys!

It’s kinda my duty as a matchmaker and social event coordinator to inform YOU about these things, so here I am, telling you. Listen up!

The Joynt is a swanky retro styled piano bar in River North, Chicago. It’s upscale, but not overly pretentious. The guests are classy and very attractive. This place has live music every night, which keeps the ladies dancing and keeps them coming back for more! Don’t fret about going alone, the place is so busy that no one will notice if you’re sitting at the bar by yourself, of if you’re with a huge crowd of friends.

Dress code- I’m not sure if there was a “dress code” but the ladies were all dolled up, the men were in suit jackets and dark jeans (God, I love that look!)

Other notes- If you want a little more privacy and a quieter space, head downstairs. There is a “lounge” area that’s much more chill.

If you’re striking out at the  Joynt, there are about 10 great bars in that area for you to hit up next. But if you keep striking out, you might want to consult a matchmaker or a date coach to see if there are some things you could tweak to improve your skill.

Best of luck!

Please, email me if you know a great “singles bar” in Chicago. I’ll check it out and write a little blurb! Also, check out our upcoming singles events. No need to find a singles bar if you know someone who hosts great singles events!

Pros and Cons of online dating

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Many of my Mingle Around clients and singles that I know ask me about my thoughts on online or internet dating and I’m always happy to share my opinion!

Online dating con # 1.

 False Advertising – At least when you’re at a singles event or out at the bar with friends, what you see is what you get….. Unless he’s wearing lifts or she’s sporting a “booty bump” – there won’t be major surprises (at least in the attraction department) on your first date.

Online dating con #2.

Time Wasting– You’ll spend an average of four-six hours texting, emailing, calling and winking at your potential date before a real date is set up. Then add up the time you take to get ready for the date, the commute to the location and then the average two-to-three hour date just to realize there isn’t chemistry (even though he/she may be just as good looking as the photo) and you’re looking at a lot of time and energy wasted.

Online dating con #3.

Privacy- What happens on the internet stays on the internet… FOREVER. The questions that some of the top online dating sites ask are intimate. Some of the questions they ask you- I wouldn’t even ask my closest girlfriends….But people are more than happy to share share and share with little thought of who will see these answers in the future.

Online dating con #4.

Your Boss– Speaking of privacy, you might not want to “match” you with your co-worker or brother. I’ve heard horror stories of both. Makes for awkward family dinners and board meetings. Not only is your profile up for everyone to see but you don’t know who’s profile you’ll run into on your quest for true love.

Don’t think I’m a hater of online dating. I’m not, there are some great reasons to date online. Just don’t make online dating your only source of finding love!


Online dating pro #1.

Gets your feet wet- Many of my clients are recently divorced and are nervous about dating for the first time in years. Try out online dating; the fear of rejection is lowered due to the anonymity of being online. Online dating can be a great way to boost your confidence, especially for woman as the ratio of men:women on these sites lean to the favor of the single female.

Online dating pro #2.

You get to BE SPECIFIC- For those of you who ONLY want to date a Jewish man over 6 foot or a Catholic female who lives 30 miles south of Chicago, online dating can help you narrow your search. There are niche sites for all religions, fetishes, hobbies, ages, and races.

Online dating pro #3.

Cost- It’s typically cheaper to “online date” then to visit a matchmaker or to spend every weekend out at a bar or social event.

Online dating pro #4 .

Deal Breakers- Get to know someone a little more before making your “move”. It’s kinda cool to read the profile of a hottie to scour it for “Deal Breakers” before deciding to pursue them online or not. You can’t really do that at a bar without approaching them, flirting, buying them a drink or two and then trying to get to know them. Plus it’s a dating rule that you shouldn’t ask about many “deal breakers” on a first date, let alone the first five minutes… It’s not like you can just say “hi my name is Jill- do you smoke, have kids, what’s your religion, would you rather read a book or go to a club, and do you like your mom?” Awkward!!!

Good luck on your search for love, lust and happiness. Remember, Mingle Around hosts singles events where you can meet singles in real life— not the internet!




Thanksgiving idea for singles

Mingle Around wishes you and your single friend a happy thanksgiving!

Mingle Around wishes you and your single friend a happy thanksgiving!

Many people can’t spend Thanksgiving with their families because of distance, work and other reasons. Just because they aren’t spending the afternoon with family doesn’t’ mean they want to spend it alone! If you’re also single you may consider spending the afternoon with friends and hosting a “single friends” dinner at your home.

Make this Thanksgiving the one you look back fondly on. Think lots of comfort foods, surrounded by friends, no Uncle Arty asking you to pull his finger and possibly land a new love interest.


Serve Thanksgiving dinner at your home!

Invite every single person you know and ask them to bring a single friend. Make sure your friend isn’t secretly interested in their single friend or it could cause for some Thanksgiving Hijacks later on. Here are 3 tips for making this Thanks (for single friends) giving go off without a hitch:

1. When sending out the invites, make sure it is crystal clear that when your guests bring a guest it is someone that they are absolutely not interested in! The last thing you want to happen is a bowl of mashed potatoes flying across the room aimed at that cute blonde talking to your friends ex boyfriend because they still had feelings. If you’re the host, make sure you stick to this rule as well.

2. Keep it simple and casual. Holidays are stressful enough and not spending time with family can be stressful. Keep the event carefree, the drinks flowing, music pumping and atmosphere light. This is for yourself too, don’t try to do it all yourself. Invite people to help with preparing or serving the food. Make sure to introduce everybody so that they’re comfortable but don’t try to force any matchmaking between certain guests. (Leave that to the professionals!)

3. When it’s time to eat, take into fact others religious backgrounds. Not everyone will want to pray before the meal, be careful not to make this uncomfortable for your guests. A great idea though is to let everyone around the table take a moment to share with guests what they’re thankful for this Holiday season. Why? It’s simply a nice Thanksgiving tradition to observe and it’s always nice to give thanks for the blessings in your life. And who knows, someone’s list of what they’re thankful for (for example, finally starting booking that trip to Europe to visit extended family) may pique the interest of a guest and spark a perfect reason to continue the conversation. Natural matchmaking!

This Thanksgiving, give thanks to all of your friends and family. Single and not!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Jill Jackson (Founder of Mingle Around)

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