Nuts & Bolts Singles Party @ Joes on Weed St. (20’s-40’s)

Nuts & Bolts™ Party

A Mingle Around™ social event

Venue Name:  Joe’s Bar

Age Range:    late 20’s-early 40’s

Event Price:  $25 now/$35 door

Start Time:   7:30

Event Date:  Sat Jan. 14, 2012

A new twist on social events!

A Nuts & Bolts™ party is a unique and slightly sexy way to meet many upscale, outgoing and attractive singles. This event is geared towards singles in their late 20’s to early 40’s. Mix and Mingle with whom you are attracted to.

Join us at Joes’s Bar on Weed Street, a fun sports bar and concert venue just off of North and Clybourne area. We will be nibbling on delicious complimentary appetizers from 7:30-8:30, enjoying $3 domestic beers and well drink specials all night long and mingling with an upscale, young and attractive Chicago singles crowd. The Nuts & Bolts party starts at 8pm and raffle prize drawing is at 10pm. Live music begins at 10pm and your paid admission to the Nuts & Bolts Party allows you to stay with out paying a cover to Joes.

Purchase your ticket online NOW before we sell out! Tickets here.

For more information about what to expect at a Nuts and Bolts party please visit here (Nuts & Bolts Parties).

View some of our registered guest list here:

Our Facebook page has some great conversations going on. Feel free to join in!

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  • CodeNameChris  On December 25, 2011 at 5:56 am

    Well I can tell you why we are ashamed of Online Dating. I live in Chicago -TONS of people, and I can’t meet someone in a traditional fashion? We post our profiles, basically Mugshots and share personal information with the entire world. Rows AND rows of smiling mughsots, how pathetic! We put up our best photos, we say something clever, we all LOVE to travel. Does anyone not like to travel? We all love a sense of humor too! Online dating is ridiculously pathetic, and we know it when we sign up! We SHOULD be ashamed to admit we met our partners online. It’s laughable! It’s like going to the grocery store for a prospective mate. We are ashamed because online dating, whether you admit it or not, is an act of desperation. By creating a profile we are admitting we are LONELY, and have given up on traditional means of meeting people. Online dating is EASY, and a cop-out. Try joining social groups, or getting out of the house more! Most guys just want to get la*d, and most women are just out of past relationships and looking for the PERFECT match that doesn’t exist. Online dating is for suckers, and I’ve done it too! Send me your monthly check for $20, and I will set you up with my brother or sister! As far as the free sites go -those are for players and people without jobs. and Eharmony’s “tools” are laughable -I can’t believe who they said I’m “matched” with. I look at all the mugshots on Match or OKCupid and just laugh to myself. What has our society become? If posting your success stories here make you feel better about your pathetic means of meeting you partner, well good for you! I’d rather go to the Blackjack table as the odds are 49% versus the 20% chance you will meet someone online (“1-5 relationships start online”, right?). I wonder what the divorce rate is for Online dating is just so irresponsible, lonely, desperate, and their Advertisements are permeating every orfice of media. I’m not buying it. Online dating is NOT the wave of the future. Its for lazy people with baggage, and or, desperate lonely people who have “given up”, and throw in the sex addicts for good measure. “Wine tasting, travel, sense of humor, cats and dogs, chemistry, lazy nights on the sofa or a night out on the town.” Good GOD, what have we become? Id rather be alone than post my Mugshot on a dating site. I’m sorry. Good job for the success stories, nothing personal.

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