A Sexy Bus Tour of Chicago? Singles Party!

Ready for a weird & sexy night out in Chicago?
Jump on the “Weird Chicago” Tour bus and explore the weirdest, strangest, sexiest and spookiest parts of Chicago.

You are invited to attend a sexy & weird tour of Chicago, hosted by Ken Melvoin-Berg (think Northwestern sex-ed controversy) and Weird Chicago Tours. This is a three hour tour of all things weird and sexy in Chicago.

This event will sell out. I booked us a larger bus than last year to help accommodate all who want in, but please RSVP early to ensure you’ll have a spot.

We’ll be making pub stops, haunted stops and of course sexy stops. Where? That’s up to the tour guide the night of. Last year we visited ahaunted pub, the largest whiskey bar in Chicago, a haunted hotel and a S&M dungeon… yeah, I said it… a real s&m dungeon with a real dominatrix showing us around the place, explaining how things worked etc (PHOTOS HERE). It was one of the craziest nights of my life. I was in shock and awe for the entire trip and I’ve talked about it for months since! (Read the blog from last year)

Please note that we are going to be visiting “adult” themed locations throughout this trip. Open minds are expected and proper behavior is demanded.

You’ll be able to drink on the bus and Mingle Around will bring some adult beverages. Feel free to bring your own for yourself or to share. Trust me, from experience, a glass of wine before you brave up the stairs to a S&M dungeon makes it that much easier to open the door!

We’ll be stopping at a few locations for bathroom breaks, history lessons and pub stops at various places around Chicago. I can’t guarantee were we’ll visit this time, but can guarantee it will be fun, weird and sexy!

The trip ends around 10pm back at our pick up location. Feel free to stick around downtown and enjoy the rest of the evening with 23 new friends and a lot of new knowledge!


You cannot be late for the bus. Please meet us in the lobby/bar of the Hard Rock Café at 6pm on Saturday. This gives us time to meet eachother and maybe grab a bite to eat. We load the bus at 6:45. If you miss the bus, even by 20 seconds, it will not turn around or wait. Please call Jill @ 708-248-2348 and I’ll let you know where our first stop is and you’ll have to taxi or drive there to meet us. The actual bus is located on 600 N. Clark.

We will return to the same location around 10pm after the tour.

Behavior on bus: Please clean up after yourself and watch your liquor consumption. Drinking is encouraged, but becoming drunk is not! 😉 The tour guide and bus driver have full control over “discipline” on the bus.


$41 for private three hour tour of crazy and sexy things in Chicago. Includes bus driver, tour guide, door charges at various venues (if any), and adult beverages and snacks on bus. Any beverages purchased at any of the pubs we visit are your responsibility.

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Hope to see you on the bus! –


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