ABC came to film our singles party! (Nuts & Bolts Party)

The true story on how Mingle Around gets on ABC news— for hosting singles events.

I manage a restaurant, anyone who knows restaurant life knows not to call during lunch or dinner hours. Yesterday (thursday) I received a phone call from a strange 312 number that I ignore because it was the lunch rush and I was busy attending to 300 customers.  I didn’t wind up checking that voice mail until about 4:30 pm and had to listen about 4 times just to make sure that I heard right. “Hello Jill, this is ABC calling and we’d like to do a story on your Nuts & Bolts singles parties. Please call us back at 312-555-5555.”

HA! Yeah… which one of you pranked me? That’s all I could think of. I figured it was a joke until I checked my e-mail and an email was sitting in my unread box.

WTF!? is now all I could think. What would ABC want from me? Yeah, the parties I throw are fun. They do attract a diverse and amazing crowd, but it’s not like I’m throwing parties at the Hilton or inviting celebrities. I’m a normal girl average girl and Mingle Around is my baby- but it’s not making anyone a millionaire. Doesn’t ABC want really intense and exciting topics? Then I got to thinking that maybe I underestimate myself, my company and the potential (and current success) that it has.

So, I call back the producer and he asked me so kindly if he could bother me by coming out to our singles event on Friday night. Ha! Like I’d say no to that! I agree, thank him as professionally as I could, tried to act cool, like news stations call me everyday and as soon as he hung up I screamed and started a little dance in my kitchen!

I danced for a minute, enjoying the random good luck that was just bestowed on me and then I started to freak out. What should I wear? How can I lose 10 pounds in a day? Am I tan? Should I get my nails done? What will I say? Will I have a good and packed crowd? What if I stutter or sweat? What if I look like an idiot? What if….

The night was short and I needed to find an appropriate dress, shoes, makeup, accessories and all those fun girl things. I mean, I’m going on camera those precious 10 seconds of fame went straight to my head for a few minutes and I was ready to whip out all the credit cards.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not “stylish”. I’m from the country, love to get dirty and don’t mind if I break a nail. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to dress up, but I usually take my sister with to help find outfits…. because to me, a too tight red mini skirt with leopard tights and a pink sweater would look hot. (yikes, someone call “What Not to Wear”!) I knew that wouldn’t work for television… I needed to dress the part.

Thankfully, a fellow matchmaker (Stef in the City) saw my excited tweets and contacted me. Gave me some great TV advise that I took her up on and I found a cute dress, shoes and accessories all downtown and on sale!

The event started at 7pm and the news reporters were there at 7:15 with a giant camera. Eeeks! They set up a great shot in the back room, sat me down and interviewed me. Of course I screwed up my words and when I spoke about nuts and bolts I said it backwards… “Girls get a BOLT and Guys get a Nut” (duh… wrong!) so I had a lot of do overs. The producer was so nice though… he even told me I was sweating too much and advised me to wear a jacket . So gross and embarrassing… girls shouldn’t say things like that, right?! I’m just keeping it real! You can’t blame me, there was a giant, hot spot light on me, a giant camera and two strangers interviewing me with a crowd of Mingle Members watching, who wouldnt’ be sweating!? I felt confident at the end of the interview, I think that I pulled it off .

After my little interview, ABC news interviewed a few Mingle Members about their experiences dating and then they took a few shots of the party. Around 8pm they took off and I could finally relax and enjoy the event!

This event was all ages, but the majority were 28-38 range. There were some  *really* attractive girls and guys here tonight and everyone seemed so nice! A lot of networking, some new friendships budding and two couples really kicked it off, while at least six more seemed to have some major potential. It seemed that almost every guy left with a few new phone numbers in his phone and every girl seemed happy for some great potential dates!

Ahhhh… it was a great night. So many new faces tonight and I love when people let me know what a great time they had, and how different a “Nuts  & Bolts” party is from any other night out. It’s just so easy to meet people and so much fun.

I can go to bed happy tonight, knowing that I threw a great party, there are a couple of potential couples, ABC knows who Mingle Around is and that I have such an amazing group of Mingle Members and friends.

The only worry I have, is for Sunday night when they air the little interview… please don’t look like an idiot Jill!



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  • Christopher Murphy  On November 5, 2011 at 7:23 am

    It was awesome. I was able to talk to women without wondering if they had a boyfriend.

  • Lynne  On November 6, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    What great publicity for your company Jill and I know you will lool like the beautiful, intelligent, and hard working woman that you are. Keep up the momentum! I see big things coming your way!- Lynne J

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