About last night (10/14)

I host singles events in Chicago and after most events, I’ll blog a few thoughts about the night from both a matchmakers point of view and as a new small business owner.

Last night was a young professional’s singles mixer with at “Nuts & Bolts” theme as an icebreaker. I also had two singles on a first blind date, professionally matched by me. A lot was happening and that’s the way I love it! I was nervous about the blind date for my two single friends, and I was nervous that the party wouldn’t be as much of a success as it was. I had  no reason to fear- as the party was AMAZING and the blind daters are both very happy with each other.

48 sexy singles had RSVP’d and almost everyone showed up plus a few singles from the bar next door. I love when that happens- people peek into our private room and they get interested and started mingling with us!

The first two singles that walked in the door were very attractive smart girls who are brand new to Chicago. Without knowing anyone in this big city, they say it makes meeting people even more difficult and I understand. Both ladies approached me at the end of the night to thank me for hosting the party. Both ladies had met a few potential dates and had a bunch of new numbers in their smart phones.

Interesting turn of events, I had a (competing) professional matchmaker show up at my event and introduce herself to me. She and I had a chance to chat for a bit and she seemed like a sweet girl. I’m always flattered when other Chicago matchmakers ask me for advice or to discuss partnering up. This is the third time I’ve had other Chicago area matchmakers attend my events to either meet me or “scout out” the competition. It’s always a strange feeling knowing that your competition is watching every move you make, but it keeps you on your toes!

Speaking of competition, I had the chance to meet Ben Shimon- who runs S3 leagues– a singles sports league team in Chicago. He came out last night to introduce himself, meet some ladies and to hand out flyers for his upcoming fall/winter bowling, volleyball and whirlyball leagues. We had spoke earlier in the week about cross promoting and hit it off well over the phone. Though we both cater to singles in Chicago- we have different products, so working together seems smart. I’m glad he came out and am looking forward to working together with him on some large events in the future. Quick promo spot- Check out his website and join a league for the winter!

I must be starting to “come into my own” as everyday I’m receiving emails or phone calls from potential sponsors, partners and interested parties. It’s nice that after so long I’m starting to get to where I want to be. Hopefully by this time next year I’ll be able to focus 100% of my time on Mingle Around and produce amazing events every night of the week. My “day” job is great, but people always say the way to true happiness is to do what you love. I love Mingle and am excited to do what I love.

Back to the party! The party itself was great. There were a good mixture of singles and it’s always fun watching the natural interactions between people. Mixer events are truly one of the best ways to meet someone and events with an icebreaker (such as nuts & bolts matching) only help to facilitate the natural progression of mingling. When you have a superficial goal such as earning raffle tickets for prizes- you have a natural out of conversations that you don’t want to be in AND a natural reason to speak to attractive or interesting singles. Unlike online dating- you actually get to feel a real connection with potential mates and you save time when there isn’t one. Photos from singles event here!

As always there were a few “fails”.

 Fail #1. “The girl or guy who can’t hold her liquor”
Repeat after me: “Too much liquor makes you sicker”. When you’re the girl falling off of bar stools while asking to take someone home, you’ve probably had too much. If you’re the guy saying yes to the girl- you are either an asshole or a predator. Now, thankfully- this did not happen at the Mingle Around party last night, but I watched it happen at the bar after the event was over. I’m the one who caught her falling off of the bar stool. When I asked her if she wanted me to catch her a cab and to walk her out of the bar- the jerk of a guy she was talking with pushed me away and told me he’d be taking care of her. Of course he told me this with a wink. Really. A wink that said “Yes, I know this girl if drunk as a skunk, and I know you know… but yes, I’m still going to take her home and do all types of wrong things to her.”

Fail #2 “I forgot my shoes”
It’s happened before and will probably happen again, but I left my house in “house slippers” instead of my black heels. I hate heels and only wear them when necessary- so I had worn my glittery flats while dressing and to catch a cab. I had thought that I packed my black heels with my nuts & bolts party box, but had forgotten them by my front door. I’m not uspet, my house slippers are cool- gold sparkles and all, but it just goes to show that I really would forget my head if it wasn’t attached (though, it was nice to wake up this morning without aching feet!).
That’s it for fails, and I had to really stretch to find something. It truly was an amazing night.

I hope you can make it out to the next event we host and help make the night even more spectacular. Singles event can be found on our website http://www.MingleAround.com.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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