About last night’s singles party

Aboust last nights Nuts & Bolts Singles Party.

114 singles had registered for the Mingle Around Nuts & Bolts singles party being hosted at Houndstooth Saloon. It was a nice Friday night in Chicago and we were ready for fun.

As usual… it was amazingly fun. And as usual, there were some (minor) mishaps. Being a singles event host, matchmaker, and the owner of MingleAround.com holds a lot of responsibility and stress, but stress in a good way. I’m a type B perfectionist…. which I think means that though I try and try to make things perfect, I’m okay when they go wrong… I’m not the kind of girl who lets a broken (just perfectly manicured) nail ruin my whole day.

Take for example last night. The event started at 6:30. At 6:35 I went to my purse and was digging for my hand lotion… felt something wet and was immediatly annoyed, the lotion top must have came off and was all over every thing in my purse. EXCECPT for the fact it wasn’t my lotions, it was my bright red nail polish. In my rush to get the lotion on my hand I hadn’t looked and had already rubbed the polish into both hands and then the smell hit me. I looked down. Both hands looked as if I needed to be rushed to the hospital as they were blood red. Seriously? Immediatly ran to the washroom to clean my hands, my purse, my cell, my wallet… they were all coated in OPI blood red polish. Any girls reading this KNOWS you can’t wash this junk off!

So, what else to do but face the crowd with bloody hands. I noticed a few people second glancing my hands and back off slowly… but what else to do but flaunt it like it’s the next cool thing? (Think Billy Madison when he pee’s his pants because it’s “cool”).  I totally expect the next event to have all the women flaunting nail polish hands… right? Right?! Okay… maybe not!

Another annoying and upsetting mishap… Last night was supposed to be my big media night. I had hosted a very cheap event ($3.00 tickets) in exchange for all my singles to be videotaped and interviewed about being single in Chicago and dating in general. It was supposed to be fun, cute, funny and was hopefully going to post some fun video blogs today. The video was going to be a nice “intro” to the nuts & bolts concept and hopefully drive more traffic to the upcoming events. Great idea huh?

I brought my little hand held camera, portable lighting, had a backdrop ready for interviews and thought I looked my best (except for the blood hands). My singles were showing up looking HOT and ready for action. I broke out the camera flipped it on and a little “Card will not read” warning popped up on the video screen. Okay, I can handle this. I brought 4 back up SD cards… just in case. ALL FOUR wouldn’t read.

Seriously? All four? Really?

I tested, charged and prepared the camera the night before, I had packed the back up cards, packed a back up battery and prepared interview questions. For some reason the Gods of Media didn’t want me videotaping that night. Ha. I guess the night had other plans for me. I’ve always got a back up though. I whipped out my little HTC smart phone, walked around taking some fun photos, shoot some low quality videos on the phone and I’ll try to salvage something out of this.

By 7pm we had a decent sized crowd and some really attractive men and women mingling. By 7:30 the majority of everyone had checked in and the room was rocking. The party had a good vibe to it and people were making matches, at least on the hardware.  I saw a few couples leave together to carry on intimate conversations in the main bar room and by the end of the night I saw the tell-tale signs of attraction and interest between a few more couples.

It’s 9:00, time for raffle drawings and prizes!

The day before I had braved a shop to the porn store. Yes, the good little Catholic girl walked into a porn store with her head held high and purchased some fun, slightly naughty gifts. (For all my readers, there isn’t a gag store like Spensers in the Orland Mall around here, someone told me that the porn shops usually have that kind of stuff though)

Don’t get all excited… I passed up the giant ummm… personal massagers… and purchased the types of things you’d expect to see at a bachelorette party with your mom around. Some dirty dice, a “Get Drunk” card game (so classy… I know), and to top it all off a giant bright red feather duster thing-a-ma-jig. I think it was called a whip tickler. Just fun stuff.

But, on my way home from the porn shop I had left my bag with the feather duster thing and the dirty dice in WALGREENS. WTF? How did I leave a porn shop bag at Walgreens? Of course, when I got back home to show my roommate my raffle prizes I realized what I had done… but how do I go back into Walgreens asking “Did someone leave a black bag of porn stuff in here?… Yeah, it’s mine.” So, I let it go.

The prizes were still fun. Some tools, a tool box thing (fitting for a “Nuts & Bolts” party), wine, gift cards, Bears stuff, candy etc. I think everyone enjoyed.

About 10pm the crowd thinned out with a lot of singles heading over to the popular singles bar, John Barley Corn. My roommate joined them and filled me in with all the gossip the next morning. From what she heard, the group had an amazing time. Which makes me happy. And keeps me wanting to do more.

My hands are now regular colored, my bank account is slightly smaller (damn bar tabs) and I’ve got about 80 new friends that I met last night. I think it was a success.



P.s. If you went to the party last night, shoot me an e-mail with your comments (or comment below!) I’d love to know what you thought.

Also, a Cougar night is coming up as well as another Nuts & Bolts party. Join us! www.MingleAround.com

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