The man with a million compliments

“The man who compliments a woman more than once at dinner won’t get the chance to compliment her in bed.”

It’s a cruel world out there and being the nice guy won’t get you very far. I’m sorry. I hate saying this because so many will read into this wrong. I don’t mean women like assholes. I don’t mean you should be a jerk. What I do mean is that women love a strong man. Strong men don’t spend all night kissing the ground we walk on and dropping compliments left and right when the conversation dulls.

For an example, a good friend was approached last night at a bar and complimented by a very attractive man. My friend Jenny was flattered and interested but after the 19th time he complimented her on the size of her eyes she’d had enough. Did he think she was pretty or did he want to keep her eyeballs in a jar next to his bed?

Using overt flattery shows a lack of social grace and confidence. Paying a compliment should be a sincere comment, not a standby, when there is a lull in the conversation. Us women love the flattery but honesty and conversation will win us over.


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