Save the Date: Nuts & Bolts Party

Nuts & Bolts Singles Party

Win raffle prizes, meet your match, enjoy complimentary
appetizers and drink specials!

Come out, mingle, mix and meet your match! This party is limited to  120 people, due to the size of the venue and I KNOW we are  going to PACK THIS PLACE WITH HOT SINGLES! We are going back to one of our  favorite spots in the city, Houndstooth Saloon! This is an all ages event (21+),  with 120 singles… there will be singles in their 20’s and singles in their  50’s. Mingle with who YOU are attracted to!

Buy your tickets here!

We are going to be famous!

Why are we going to be famous? Because I’m videotaping the party, the venue and YOU! The party is going to be edited and hosted on YouTube (Mingle Arounds not yet functional page) and the Mingle Around website. If you want to give a  quick interview to our host for the camera, great!If not- that’s fine too!

Just enjoy yourself and help make Mingle Around look great! The entire “movie” will be less then 3 minutes in length, I just want to be able to show new Nuts & Bolts party goes how much fun we have and how easy it is to find your match.

Okay, back to the party

If you haven’t been to a “Nuts & Bolts” party then you really need to take advantage of the $3 (yes, only $3) admission NOW. If you wait and want to pay at the door the price is $20, IF space is available.

This party $3 admission gets you drink specials for our group ONLY, complimentary appetizers for the first hour, chances to win cash, gift cards and prizes, a shot at fame on Youtube (okay, not really) and a fun night out with 120 singles in a really cool bar.

Drink specials for our group (must have a Mingle Around wrist band on)

$3 domestic beers (regularly $4-$5)

$5 vodka redbulls (normally $7)

$5 bombs (normally $7)


1. Choose your hardware.

Women will choose a nut out of a basket. Big ones, small ones, gold ones, silver ones. Pick one you like!

Men get to choose a bolt. There are of course fat ones, skinny ones, long ones and short ones.

2. Find a nut or a bolt that matches.

Yep, you get to walk up to that hottie and ask “umm… can I see if this fits?” If it fits go to Rule #4. Otherwise read Rule #3.

3. Mingle

Mingle with your non match, just because the hardware doesn’t fit doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be a connection! Then move on to a new piece of equipment and keep looking for that match!

4. Exchange

Exchange your matching hardware for a new piece and to enter the raffle drawing at 9pm. You’re playing for cash, gift cards and other fun prizes, but remember the real prize is meeting a potential match.

5. Continue!

About Houndstooth:

We’ve partied here a few times in the past and have had a blast. Houndstooth Saloon brings a touch of Southern hospitality to a
sports bar-heavy stretch of Clark Street in Wrigleyville. The service is great, the decor is fun and the music is right on. This bar is packed most nights but we’ve got the two back rooms just for ourselves!

Sign up on or today in order to save your spot.

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