Thoughts about last night

Just in case you stumbled onto my blog, I’m a matchmaker and owner of My cupids and I host singles parties in and around Chicago and I update my blog with the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m a huge believer in love and in honesty. When a party or matchmaking event goes good, bad or funny, you’ll be the first to know. On to the story…..

I’ll be honest. I was really, really, really worried about hosting last night’s singles party for singles aged 35+. For one, I had it on a weekday night instead of my typical Friday or Saturday. Secondly, the party I threw two weeks ago (on Bears preseason opener) had a low turn out (though great guest list). Thirdly, it was my first singles party for just an “older” crowd. Typically I mix my crowds up with all ages.

It turns out that I had nothing to worry about as 90% of my RSVP list showed with a few more people showing up to purchase tickets at the door. (For anyone who has ever thrown a party- you know the pain of the RSVP’er who never shows up. With singles events this pain is triple as many singles purchase the tickets and then the day of, they chicken out and become a no call-no show. Being a matchmaker and focusing on having a fairly even number of compatible men to women at these parties is very important so when the RSVP’er doesn’t show it can ruin the dynamics of the entire night.)

The party started slow and one of my cupids whispered in my ear “it’s like an 8th grade dance in here”, which was so true. Gals were sitting at tables talking amongst each other and the  guys were at the bar looking slightly nervous but ignoring the situation. I knew I had to get things going. Thankfully for me I have some of the best cupids in town who are able to get into the crowd and liven things up.

Once we got the party rolling it all went smooth. The crowd was great with less dirty jokes than I expected and much more conversation than I’m used to. You see, typically these parties get people all riled up to “win prizes”. Everytime you find a matching nut or bolt you receive a raffle ticket. At the past few parties, I felt as if the crowd was more interested in raffle tickets than meeting matches but at this party I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of conversation that was happening.

Two couples last night left earlier together in the evening to grab cocktails away from the crowd and I’m hoping to hear positive things about their evening soon. Another couple left together at the end of the night, the man was being a true gentlemen and walking her to her car. I saw them exchange phone numbers and on their way out she looked back at me over her shoulder and mouthed “thank you!”. I am still smiling over this.

On a personal note I had a realization that people actually read these blogs and my facebook page. Maybe you (the reader) don’t realize this, but when I’m siting at home as I am now, drinking coffee and typing away, I often feel as if it’s in vain and that no one reads or cares that I’m trying to both make something of myself and to more importantly help all of us find love. But I’m wrong.

For example, I was approached last night by a man who thanked me for being his facebook friend and for writing these silly blogs. He’s been following and reading for a YEAR now, but had never had the courage to come out to an event. Now, this man was not shy or pathetic, he was well-educated with a great job. He was able to easily keep conversations with the ladies going and he was also easy on the eyes! He had just never been to a singles party. He was not finding high-caliber women at the “conventional” locations so thought he’d try it out. He told me that reading these blogs and seeing what happens here really made him feel comfortable with the idea of coming. I LOVE this feedback! He wound up making some new friends, but not a love connection last night…. but I feel that he’ll be back again soon.

Well, that’s all folks. I’ve gotta run- two matchmaking clients to meet today as well as my “9-5”.  I have a few more events for September in the making and hope to meet you all soon!


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  • Flo  On August 26, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    Jill, Sorry I missed this event. I had a professional meeting last night. I’ll try to be at the next nut/bolt party.

  • John  On August 26, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    When I build up some courage I’ll come to one of your events, Jill. (Preferably someplace with really dark lighting, lol!) Keep up the good work!

  • Colleen  On August 26, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    good post

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