“but don’t only losers go to singles events….”

… asked my perpetually single male friend yesterday. I recoiled in horror, how dare he ask me that question. It was almost as if someone had questioned my belief in love, inconceivable! It’s like saying only fat people go to the gym or only sick people do yearly check ups.

The singles at Mingle Around events are the type of people I’d date or set my best friend up with.The men and women who attend the events that I host are attractive, witty, kind and affluent amongst other things. Of course, you always get an odd ball or two at an event, but what night out at the bar doesn’t bring out the characters?

You might ask, “Why would someone attend a singles party in Chicago” and I’ll answer matter of factly- “Why wouldn’t you?”

Think about it.

20-50 single women who are all looking for love, lust or something in between are waiting for YOU to approach them. I can almost guarantee that the women you meet at my parties are attractive, social and most importantly they are single and looking. Gone are the days of approaching women at bars only to find their beefy 290 pound boyfriend standing directly behind you. No more worries that she’ll reject you because she’s married, a lesbian or not looking.  She’s here because she wants to be. She wants to be with someone. Is it you? I don’t know- but there’s only one way to find out.

 I’ve got the “ice breaker” and you’ve got the ideal situation. Fish in a barrel as my father says. Come out to an event and see what all the hype is about. Typically these singles events draw a crowd of 50-200 amazing Chicago singles depending on the event.

See you soon!



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