Picking up girls at Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza: More than 130 bands and artists on eight stages play 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday-Sunday in Grant Park, Chicago. Over 100,000 people expected… maybe your Mrs. Right will be enjoying Muse with you.

Concerts and festivals like Lollapalooza are one of the more difficult places to meet a girl but can be one of the most rewarding also.

Why the cards are stacked against you

1.    Beer and E. Drunk or high might be fun for a bit, but not girlfriend material.

2.    They are there with friends. Picking up a girl within a group of girls is hard but picking up a girl at a festival surrounded by her besties is almost impossible. She’s there to have fun, not get a phone number.

3.    It’s loud and packed. She is going to have a hard time hearing your great pick up line that you’ve been working on for the past 10 minutes. What’s worse is when you have to yell it 3 times before she hears you.

4.    She’s not local. Unless she’s looking for a Lollapalooza fling she probably isn’t going to be looking to exchange facebook information with you when she lives 800 miles away.

How you can make it work

1.    Be the planner. Pack sunscreen, a soft cooler with extra water bottles, a LARGE blanket. Share what you’ve got with her group of gals and she’ll be lying in your arms enjoying the things she forgot to bring by the time Girl Talk is playing.

2.    Don’t talk to her during the set. She paid big bucks to see Coldplay. Don’t ruin it by asking her what she does for a living. Watch the band, look at her and smile. When they play Yellow and she’s been giving you the eye all night slyly sneak your arm around hers… (warning… this is an advance move and only try if you’re sure she’ll respond positively!!!)

3.    Ask her and her friends out to one of the after parties. Follow this link for a great list of Lallapalozza after parties. Make sure you are on the list with a few plus ones. Grab a cab together and get to know her better.

4.    Don’t be “that guy”. Really. Us girls hate that guy. If you can’t hold your liquor, get in a fight at 2pm or pass out drunk you have no chance with her. Be the (semi) sober one who makes sure she gets back to her hotel safe.


Good luck and enjoy!


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