But…. you’re not married?? *Gasp!*

I’m not married. Actually, I’m divorced. Gasp! The matchmaker is a divorcee???

Yes, and happy.

I married young to someone I was head over heels in puppy love with. We also eloped within a few months of knowing each other, to the dismay of family and friends.  Of course I thought it would last forever and we’d be rocking on a front porch, sipping ice tea in Georgia at 78 years of age. Five years into that fantasy it fell apart, as did I. I swore off men, considered dating women (until I realized that dating women included making out with women… and that just wasn’t for me), considered never dating again, dated a ton and almost 6 years after the divorce am finally ready to settle down. This time I’ll do it right. This man (and yes, there is a specific someone!) has seen my ups and downs, my hair a mess, my kitchen a disaster. He’s eaten food that’s been over salted and over cooked with out a complaint, he’s loaned me his car with out a questions and brought me fully into his life. We are taking our time getting to know each other- not rushing into a marriage just to say we’re married. I’ve grown up and now look at love and relationships in a whole different way…. *Gasp!*

The reason I’m writing this article today is due to an acquaintance questioning my matchmaking abilities due to the fact that I am divorced and I am not  remarried. When I mean she questioned me… I’m talking more along the lines of eye rolling sarcasm that only a women to women confrontation can bring. I’m shocked that there wasn’t a little bit of hair pulling and slapping to go along with it.

I’m good at what I do. I have always been able to “read” people and am able to get down to the core of who they are and what they want… not just what they say they want and the persona they put out to the world. I have a large group of friends (over 5,000) who are single and looking- my dating pool is stocked in your favor my friend. Just let me throw a line and catch you a match.

My past has only taught me about love, lies and life. I’ve successfully fallen into love, broken down walls, had my heart broken, fell outta love and back into it many times. Because of this, I’m able to help others find and fall too.

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  • melvin  On July 15, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    That was a really cool story but still dont think you know what your doing sike just bullshitting and making sure i got your attention and i think i wanna use your services when i come to kankakee again it should be soon and oh yeah i wanna facebook friends discount

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