Getting asked out is hard work! (Girls only!)

Girls, do you think just sitting on the bus with your nose in a Kindle is going to get you a date on Friday night?  If you answered yes… well… you better be Megan Fox in a bikini on a crowded 157 bus, otherwise it probably isn’t going to happen.

 Getting asked out or becoming approached is hard work, don’t let anyone tell you different. Let the man know you are interested… make it easier to make the approach, show him you are available for conversation and you won’t push him away with that “I’m taken” or “I’m a lesbian” line women are known for. How do you do this? Easy… 1-2-3.

1. Smile  

The best smile in this situation is the “coy” smile. Eyes down… then back up- glance at him and when he catches you, wait 2 seconds and then glance down and smile (closed mouth little smile… like you just thought of a funny joke at a funeral and don’t want to be disrespectful) – He’ll see this and be on the seat next to you shortly… trust me.

2. Open Arms, Open Heart

Don’t have anything in your arms. No phone, no book, no stack of paperwork, no burger from Epic. Nothing! If… if you are on the bus or another spot where you just have to have something, make sure your arms aren’t crossed, the book isn’t clutched tightly in your hand in front of your chest or under your nose. Your phone is not pressed against your ear or attached to your fingertips for quick texting. Nothing should be blocking the energy between you and Mr. Right.

3. The Bump

Warning! For experienced Minglers ONLY! You’ve made the smile, the eye contact and you’re not buried under your book, but he still hasn’t taken the bait? The last measure is “The Bump”. It’s a crowded bar or bus and he’s just a few feet away. You’ve made eye contact once or twice but he hasn’t approached. Find a reason, any reason to get closer to him and gently… causally bump into him. As you brush his arm in a quick apology walk away. If he’s smart he’ll be thankful that you made it easy for him to approach. If he’s a bit dense, he’ll just be happy for a reason to approach!

Let him find you in a bit to ask if you’re okay, he didn’t mean to bump into you(If he only knew!).  Take the conversation from there, but always let him think he did all the hard work!

Happy Mingling!

P.s. Check out the upcoming Singles Events to try out your new “approach” skill!


Jill Jackson

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