Happy Mothers Day.

The day started out well enough. It’s a beautiful mothers day Sunday, I called my mom to say “Happy Mothers Day” and to ask if she received my gift yet. When I asked about her gift, she states that  all she wants is a grandchild. Ohhh, woe is her to have three daughters in their child-bearing years and not a baby shower in sight.

 “Jill, just settle down and get married already… you know what happens to women who are single in their 30’s right?”

“No, mom… please indulge me on your special day. I’d love to know what will happen in 87 days when I turn 30.”

“You know very well what happens, your child-bearing years are coming to an end, men start looking at younger women. You’re the matchmaker you should know this by now. It’s time to get serious about getting married… before nobody wants you.”

“Jeez, thanks Mom.”

I understand that she is ready to be a grandmother, but I’m not yet ready to be a mother. I’ve still got a few more years of frolicking up my sleeve and am not convinced that life is over as a 30 year old unmarried woman. I constantly match women in their 30’s and beyond with men who are crazy about them. Age ain’t nothing but a number… just don’t tell my mother!

Happy mothers day Mom. I promise you’ll have a grand baby you can spoil someday… will a grandpuppy work in the meantime?! Thank you for teaching me everything I know about love, life and relationships. And no, turning 30 in 2011 is not like turning 30 in 1980…. we’ve got plenty of time to figure it all out!

To all my single mothers out there, XOXO. Happy Mothers Day!

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