How to put your bolt into a nut. (Nuts and Bolts Party info)

How dare the host give you a tiny bolt? Really, come on now… was she trying to question your masculinity? You just saw that guy in front of you get an 8 inch bolt with fancy threading and he obviously doesn’t know what to do with it. … yet you get this tiny 1 incher. Jeez. …. now what?

Well, now you walk up to that leggy blonde who just swaggered by you and you politely ask her to see if your bolt fits into her nut. Without laughing. Or making a comment that your…. ahem… real bolt is much larger… *cough* *cough* *wink* *wink*.

Hopefully it fits, but if it doesn’t fit you don’t need to move on to the next girl, what you need to do is ask her how the night is going. How did she find out about the party? You know, get the conversation moving. If she responds positively to you and even asks you a few questions, then offer to buy her a drink or to sit down in the private booths to talk more.

What if she doesn’t act interested or even states she needs to move on to find a matching bolt? Well, you move on to the next girl too. Bid farewell and let her know when she has a slightly smaller nut to come find you.

Then move on to the next girl who tickles your fancy!

The next “Nuts & Bolts” party is March 25th. Its at Fado Irish Pub in Chicago and starts around 6:30/7.  Tickets online are $20, includes light appetizers at 7pm, drink specials, live music after 9pm and a huge organized singles events. Tickets at the door are $30. Don’t be late…

You can purchase tickets at or but do it soon or else all the good nuts will be taken 😉

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