Too clingy after two dates?

Too Clingy? 

By Colleen Vos

Most of us would define “clingy” as a behavior that is pathetic, annoying, immature and seemingly desperate. Someone who is clingy after the first couple of dates, or God forbid, the night we met at the Nuts & Bolts event, was obviously never taught THE RULES. Don’t they know that the best part of dating is the chase, the thrill?

Girls are supposed to play hard to get and guys are supposed to play cool. The thing is — with a clingy date you are never left wondering when they are going to call, what they think of you or even what are they thinking right now. The mystery is over and the anticipation never started.

How not to be Clingy

Advice for those who have been called clingy.

1. Get a time consuming hobby. Many men and women become clingy simply because they have little else to occupy their mind. Getting out the house 3 nights a week for yoga class or a MMA class will do wonders.

2.  Get rid of your unlimited text plan. Really, did they need a text from you at 5am saying good morning? Another at 5:15 talking about how you wish that the two of you were eating breakfast together? You might think it was sweet, but they just got really creeped out.  Hopefully once you have to pay for each text you send you’ll think twice. Or you’ll go broke. Here’s hoping it’s the former.

3. Make new friends. The more friends you have to discuss your new flame with, the less likely you’ll be calling your new flame to tell him or her how much you are in love.

Happy dating!

Jill Jackson & Colleen Vos

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