Can Groupon can help your love life?

No one wants to date a cheapskate. Coupons on a first date? Puhleeese….

Until Groupon (and its lackluster competitors) came around that above sentence was pretty protocol. But now… all you have to say to your potential lover is “Oh, hey baby…. I’ve got this groupon that is about to expire…want to join me for swing dance lessons and Thai food friday night?”

You come off super cool and vaguely uninterested in her (or him). Did you ask her (or him) out because you are interested or because you just need someone to enjoy unlimited peanut sauce and jiving lessons with? She (or he) will never know unless they take you up on this date.

Examples of strange date ideas that I’ve seen Groupons for….

  • Sky Diving
  • Plane Flying lessons
  • Helicopter rides around the city
  • Black light bowling
  • Expo events
  • Pottery making
  • Wine tasting

On top of the activities planned there are always hip dinner joints. Just last week I went to the Red Canary in the west loop. I probably would have never gone there until I saw a Groupon for it. Great place, super intimate and wonderful food. Would be a PERFECT first date spot (or 5th date, or 193rd date).

Groupon is widely known know and I don’t think people consider a Groupon to be like a “coupon” you clip out of Sunday’s paper. Taking a groupon out of your purse to pay for the bill shows that you are hipper than  most and you are adventurous. Willing to drop cash for a place you probably haven’t been to before.

Check out the site daily for interesting ideas and cost savings. Purchase the ones that you like and then find a date to take!  Can’t find that date? Check out Mingle Around

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