A great wing woman is hard to find!


I think that every women needs a good hairdresser, a perfect black dress, a pair of heels that will last the night and a  great wingwoman. A good wingwoman is one of those girlfriends that you can call on Friday night 7pm and she’s already ready to go out. She doesn’t “box lock” and won’t get jealous if you score and she doesn’t.

A friend won’t tell all your other friends about that gross guy you made out with when you had beer goggles on. A wingwoman will stop you from making out with him. 

A friend will hold your hair back if you’ve had a little too much to drink. A wing woman will make sure you don’t drink too much.

A friend won’t box lock you out when talking to that cutie from South Carolina. A wingwoman will find that cutie’s twin brother and start conversation with both of them for both of you.

Most of us have a great group of fun female friends that we love to hang out with. As luck has it typically these friends are usually  married or in serious relationships.Though spending the night out with them can be fun, it doesn’t always get the job done. All they want to do is get out of the house and relax, while you might have ulterior motives on you mind like finding the love of your life or at least a date for next Saturday night. These married girlfriends are notorious for accidentally box locking and for picking Friday night hang out spots that aren’t always packed with single men. (Have you ever tried to find a suitable man at a Friday night martinis and manicure followed by the ballet?!) Also, hanging out with a group of girlfriends can be very intimidating for most men to approach.

Your best bet for some hot Friday and Saturday night action is finding a like-minded wingwoman. Look for a woman who has different taste in men. She likes blonde jocks and you like dark-haired musicians? Great team! You love geeky pencil pushers and she loves blue collared construction types? Wonderful! Let the games begin! She may never understand why that man in the corner with the eyeliner and band t-shirt on turns YOU on, but you’ll never understand why that guy with no  neck and 20inch biceps just turned her head.

Where to find  a good wing woman:

  • At a singles event. Caution! Women at singles events are known for being territorial and may be cautious of your intentions.
  • A hip work out classYou’re both busting your butt to look hot on Friday night, might as well do it together!
  • Alone at a trendy bar. She’ll be sipping on something fun and looking super confident. Have you seen these girls? They are a rare breed and typically don’t work in a team, but if you are able to impress them with your uber-cool personality and exciting plan for the weekend you may have just found a best friend for life.
  • A friend of a friend. A safe bet and usually easy to find. Facebook is the way to go.
  • While doing a new hobby. Websites like Meetup.com are great ways to meet new friends, just type in an interest (book clubs, whiskey tasting, karaoke) and you’ll be introduced to 100’s of similar people!
  • Dining out. There is this website called grubhub.com that sets you up with 12 other random people. A dinner out is a great way to meet someone and to tell if she has wingwoman potential!
  • A wingwoman party. From time  to time I host wing women parties. You’ll meet 10-20 potential great wingwomen in one fun evening.  



    Getting crazy with my wing woman!











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