Dumped on Valentines day & list of parties tonight

I was in major puppy love. Sixteen years old and in love with the most popular senior in high school. We had been dating about two months now, with romantic gestures, letters, poems, flowers, candy and the whole nine yards for the entire relationship. I thought I was in a “so bad it’s good” 80’s movie.

Imagine this naive, love struck girl going into her locker and to her surprise instead of a love letter she finds a breakup letter… on the most romantic day of the year. A three page, tear stained breakup letter with lines such as “it’s not you, it’s me” and “there are other fish in the sea”.

*Enter overdramatic break up scene and my mother threatening to call him and find out what kind of boy breaks up with a girl on Valentines day. Helloooo high school drama*

I’ve been able to top this dramatic heart wrenching break up with other heart breaking Valentines days though. One ex admitted to cheating on me after one to many glasses of red wine and promises to love each other no matter what….

“Jill, you love me no matter what?”
“Of course, love of my life, what is it?”
“Well, you know last weekend when I told you I had to work late?”

BAM! That one hit me right in the gut! I should have known it was coming… Happy Valentines Day to me!

I haven’t let these heartaches in the past ruin my optimism for future relationships and either should you. Your past relationships shouldn’t ruin your future ones.

Let go of the pain someone may have caused you.
Let go of the guilt if you have caused someone else pain.
Apologize or accept apology and move on!
Life is really, really short and love is really, really important… get out there and find it!

Here is a short list of great events for singles in Chicago this weekend. None of these events are sponsored by MingleAround.com, but they all look fun! For more ideas become a Meetup.com/MingleAround member or http://www.MingleAround.com member!

Some events this weekend for singles in Chicago
Fado’s Irish Pub– Get a free beer if you bring a photo of your ex.
12th annual “Screw Cupid” event
A singles party in River North
Laugh it up!

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