A trip to a dungeon

…. it’s not how I planned the night. I thought a little history on murder & mayhem in Chicago mixed in with some weird trivia facts would be as risqué as it got. Ken, our tour guide, had me rethinking the tour 5 minutes after getting on the bus.

What would 16 singles, with the majority of them in their 40’s and up, think about our first stop? Ken did tell me that this would be a “sexy” tour, but its Chicago… how sexy can it get?

When Ken announced to the group that the first stop would be a private BDSM dungeon that charges up to $300 an hour and has hosted celebrities, CEO’s of fortune 500 companies and Politian’s, the group got very quite.  Everyone looked around nervously, but tried to act cool. I could imagine what they were thinking… “Would there be half naked men handcuffed to a bed? Is the mistress going to yell at us? Should I be doing this? This better not wind up on face book…”

So, off the bus we march to our first destination. Up a steep flight of stairs into a non-descript building in the middle of nowhere, Chicago.

The dominatrix answers the door. In sky high heels, a fishnet dress, trademark jet black, long, straight hair (come on people… haven’t you ever seen CSI?) and a full face of makeup. Oh. And a penis. A real one.

She (he?) leads us into her workspace and we are welcomed by a very clean, attractive room with brownies and milk on the  counter. (For us? I don’t know. No one in the group ate one.) Our amazing tour guide Ken broke the ice and walked us around the room, explaining the history and psychology of BDSM. Showing us the various lovers knots, bondage gear and strap ons. He was like a kid in a candy store.

A large bed is in front of us with the figure of a man in a latex body bag strapped down with ropes is in front of us. I thought it was interesting and was walking closer to take a better view when it moved. EEEK! Half of my singles jumped at the same time that I did! There was a man strapped to the bed! We asked him questions, he told us that he liked it and came here at least once a week for a few hours of tourture. Different strokes for different folks as my mom always said.

The next part of our tour of Chicago was tame in comparison. We stopped at the Congress hotel to learn about the history, H.H. Holmes and the Colombia Exposition. Got back in our bus and learned about the horrible fire at the old Iroquois theater, dubbed the most deadly single building fire in the history of the United States.

We got a tour of the whiskey and punk rock bar Delilahs. Most of us took shots of whiskey and we all chatted it up before leaving for another haunted spot- Fados on Grand. This was the end of the tour, most of the group hung out at Fados, dancing to the beats of the cover band and causing mischief with our name tags.

We wound up stopping over at the Red Head Piano Bar on Ontario before the night was over to listen to covers of Billy Joel songs and end the night in a non haunted place! 

The group had fun, everyone can’t believe how much they learned and the shock of the dungeon was now a great story to tell the friends on Monday morning.

Hope to see you soon, Mingle Around is 100% throwing this party again.

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