Single chicago new yearsDating in 2011
6 New Years Resolutions

Take risks
Everyone defines risk differently. If something seems a little scary, but the end result could be great- Go for it! Don’t take dangerous risks such as meeting someone for the first time at his (or her) apartment.

Branch out
Date out of your “dating pool”. Do you normally date high maintenance party girls? Ask that coffee barista out. Are musicians your thing? Start flirting with the accountant across the street. You’ll learn more about yourself and open up your eyes to potential love interests you used to ignore.

Change your game
If you’ve been actively trying to find someone and not getting results, it’s time to change your game. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (Albert Einstein) Try something different. Approach the dating game with a fresh view- makeover, clothing, pick up line, attitude. Change something!

What is more important, staying up to date on American Idol or getting out to the co-ed volleyball league you just joined? Live everyday according to your priorities. A neat way to get your priorities in order is filling out a life wheel.

Sell yourself
Just like a box of cereal in the cereal aisle at Jewel, you are one of many to choose from. What makes you stand out? Are you the kids cereal with a free toy, healthy cereal that is good for you, economy cereal that anyone can afford? Get what I mean…. stand out. Know what you have to sell, shine it up and SELL IT!

Get over it
If it happened last year, it’s in the past. Get over it. Your ex cheated on you? You were lied to? Get over it!  If you need help with “getting over it” see a therapist, work on your issues and get ready to start fresh and new. Open yourself up for love by letting go of the baggage. You’ll surprise yourself on how much will change once you really let go of the past.

Happy New Years everyone!

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