No, I don’t want to fool around

I have a vendor who I see on a regular basis at my day job. Attractive man, in my age range and has always been friendly yet a tad awkward. This last week, he was in the store and overheard another girl and me talking about our plans for the evening, which included seeing a favorite band of mine. Eventually he asked me where the band was playing, what time etc. I invited him along as a second hand gesture telling him that I knew the bands name, but did not know the name of the venue… he should Google it and come out.

I thought that was the end of it until my friend and I showed up at the venue around 10pm. The vendor man was standing at the front door of the club,with his arms crossed, looking impatient and pissed. When I got to him, he expressed his anger that he had been there since 8pm waiting for me and was already drunk. HA! I didn’t know what to say… so I asked him if he’d like a drink.

The night was awkward, for I had made plans with a large group of friends and had run into some people I hadn’t seen in a while. The vendor man was hanging out with my group of people, sulking and complaining that he hated this band, hated this bar and was more interested in club music.

By the time the band was over, the majority of my group of friends wanted to head to another bar. We did, bringing the vendor man along. By this time the group of friends have all made the customary buying of rounds, with vendor man being on the receiving end of each round. At the new bar, he had went to the bartender and ordered a round of $12 mojitos. (A step up from the $3 Coronas we’ve been drinking).

“Ohhh…. Thanks!” say my friends. The bill comes (what?) and he states we each owe $12 plus tip. WTF dude! Who takes the initiative to order drinks at the bar, expensive drinks and then stick the group who’s been supplying you with free beer all night, the tab?

Being the nice people we are, we pay up and leave. Vendor man states that my bus stop is next to his car so we’ll walk together.

Awesome. Lucky me.

At the bus stop vendor man leans in to ask me a question.

“So….ummm… how do you feel about fooling around?”

I almost died laughing.

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