When is the next event? Why isn’t the website up?

You hot singles are soooo needy! I get at least 15 e-mails a day or fb messages asking why is the website down, why aren’t you hosting events this month, why aren’t you introducing me to my match?

Don’t worry. It’s coming back. The site is down, being revamped. I’ve got some new venues and hip locations in the mix. I’ve also got a Rolodex (yeah, I kick it old school) of about 1,200 hot, hot, hot singles! Don’t think I’m not out there every night searching the supermarkets, charity balls, bars, clubs, restaurants, networking events, doctors offices, doggie parks, for a perfect match for you. I’ve handed out just under 1,000 business cards and 110 VIP cards to unsuspecting singles in Chicago. Have you gotten one?

I LOVE my company Mingle Around. I love, love, love hosting events and planning great outings. Even more than that I love introducing people who are a great match, but don’t know it yet. I promise you’ll know as soon as I host an event. In the mean time, fan the facebook Mingle Around page and keep updated on events.

Oh, one more thing before I head out. If I haven’t gotten your information and what you are looking for, send me a quick message on FB either my personal or Mingle Around’s page. I can’t put you in the directory of hot singles until I know who you are.


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  • Chi-Bi-Guy  On October 17, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    I just love your events. Thanks for the VIP card

    I have found your events are the greatest place to meet other gay and bisexual men searching for a significant other.

  • Mark Alan  On October 19, 2010 at 4:01 am

    Im Single and looking for help

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