Missed connections

Blonde walking away.

Image from Dan Heller, one of my faves!

Enter attractive man, lock eyes for 3 seconds. Look away. Look back. Lock eyes again. Smile. Look down. Look back and see him looking at you, smiling. Walk away.
Go home. Scour “Missed Connections” on Craigslist and the Reader. Complain that no one likes you and declare that you have given up on love.

Sounds familiar? It should. I observe this action time after time after time with the girls I work with. Read the missed connections in the newspaper and feel anger. Feel outrage. How is it that these people would not take the time, grow the balls and MEET the person they fell in love with on the subway?

Here is an except from one today:
About a hour ago, 3:15 am or so, I saw you at the Taco & Burrito House at 3038 N. Broadway. You were incredibly good looking and were wearing a green sweater. I had just finished ordering my food when you walked in the door. Like in was in a daze, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. At one point, you turned around and noticed me looking in your direction (I tried to avert my stare). You said hello. For once in my life, I couldn’t say a thing.

I was sitting there when they said my food was ready. Without missing a beat, you handed me my food. I’m not exactly sure why, but I melted right there. Oh man, I wanted to talk to you. I was wishing that you weren’t getting your food to go. My luck couldn’t be that good. I watched as you walked out the door and into the night down W. Barry.

I was looking pretty rough. I’d just finished a long shift and wasn’t expecting to run into anyone, at that hour, that I’d want to talk to.

Anyway, if you see this and want to meet up sometime, please let me know.

Hope to hear from you,

DUDE! Really? You are going to go home and kick your self over and over for not taking the chance to say hi. Learn something about her and give her your number. For Christs sake, hand her a card with your e-mail on it and let her fb stalk you. Its 3:15 in the morning, NO ONE makes good choices at that time but you made a HORRIBLE one.

Don’t have any more missed connections. If you don’t have the moxie to open your mouth to say hello, then don’t bother locking anyones eyes. It’s a waste of energy.

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