Summer Lovin’

Cute couple on the beach kissing. No more single life for them! Chicago Beach.Summer Lovin’

It is officially the end of spring. Summer is upon us in all its tanning glory. Short skirts, men with no shirts and bean bag season is here. Rowdy Cubs fans holding on to the recycled dream filling up the trains and streets of the city. Street fairs and outdoor concerts filling our ears with the noise of Chicago. Local suburban water parks, festivals, parades and beer gardens at the local pub. Oh, and the smell of polish sausages, hot dogs and burgers on the porch grills. Those are just some of the great things about living in near and in the greatest city in the world, Chicago. And they all suck when you do them alone. So don’t.

Here is a short list of places to find your summer fling.

  1. At a car show. Men like fast cars. Women like expensive cars. Put both together on a warm summer night and watch some sparks fly.
  2. On a boat. Lake Michigan offers some pretty neat tours by boat. I even hear there are some tours for single Chicagoans only. At least you won’t get stuck sitting next to a family with screaming kids from Wisconsin.
  3. At a festival. There must be over 200 festivals this summer in the Chicago land area. Show off your mad carnival game skills and win that sexy single lady you spotted on the Ferris wheel a giant, made in china, stuffed animal.  Everyone loves a winner.
  4. Doing outdoorsy stuff.  News Flash!!! Men like to fish and sit on boats with beer. Get your single girls, find a local fishing spot that rents boats by the hour and get busy. Bonus points if while bikini clad, ask a man to bait your hook… 
  5. Schools out for summer. If you’ve got some extra time this summer, take a class at a local community college. You could meet some your next summer fling at a wine tasting class, photography class or even a fencing class. Men, take note and check out local cooking classes. Not only will you meet a lot of interesting women who can cook, but you’ll impress your date in the future when you whip up an amazing intimate dinner for two at your place this fall.
  6. Parlez-vous anglais belle? Do you find the accents of tourists just hot to resist? Want to meet one and enjoy their sexy accents? Volunteer at a Chicago tourist information center or start hanging out at the tourist attractions or downtown hotel bars. Best bet, hang out at Navy Pier and offer directions to lost, sexy tourists.  
  7. Take up an outdoor sport. There are quite a few co-ed leagues in and around Chicago. You can meet likeminded tennis players, soccer players, runners, softball players and even some sky divers. Even if you don’t meet someone worth dating, you’ll become more fit and active, which will add to a more productive social and personal life.
  8. Get a dog. Walk the dog. Meet people. ‘Nuf said.
  9. Concerts. Outdoor large concerts. Do you find large crowds of sweaty people bobbing their heads to some overplayed band, exciting? Well, Chicago has at least 23 large concerts out in the hot sun for you to enjoy. Some of them are free, most of them allow alcohol and all of them will draw in thousands of people. Bob the night away.
  10. Do what you do. Summer flings can be found at work, at church or at the supermarket. If you are looking either for a fun summer fling, or a serious relationship- all you need to do is get out of the house, get out of the cubicle and Mingle Around. The more people you meet, the greater the chance of finding the one (or the fling!).  Enjoy the summer because our cold Chicago winter is right around the corner.

Visit for more Chicago Summer Single ideas.

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