Why you aren’t going to get lucky tonight.

1. Same bar, same girls

Everyone should have a regular bar, their very own Cheers, but you should expand your scene. The hole in the wall where everyone knows your name is great for stopping in after work to complain about your lonely life, but if you are really trying to find someone special, you need to step out of your comfort zone. Stop in for a cold one at the hot new concept, or try a different bar on a different street. Your Ms. Right could be having her monthly girls night out just two blocks away.

2. You didn’t try

Admit it, you probably didn’t think to much about what to wear out with the boys tonight, right? Did you iron your jeans and make sure your socks matched? Flossed? Extra deodorant? If you don’t bring your A game each and every time you go out, you could be passed over by girls you didn‘t even notice. Just because you were only stepping out for one game of pool doesn’t give you an excuse to slum it. The bartender might have a cute single friend who’s just right for a guy like you… but if you don’t BRING IT every time you step out of the house, trust me… she’ll introduce her sexy single friend to the guy with the matching socks.

3. You tried to hard

Guys, we LOVE cologne, freshly ironed clothes that fits you properly and clean fingernails. But when you come out to the local pub with 3 pinky rings, a button up shirt with the top 4 buttons undone to show off your fake and bake tan and hand out “pick up cards” you come off over the top.

4. You got wasted

Drunk girls can be funny to watch but drunk guys are a disaster. Women want a man who can take care of themselves, who are grown up enough to know when to stop. As a bartender, I’ve had the sad sight of many men drink them selves OUT of a woman’s pants. You know what we’ve heard whiskey can do to a man in bed…

5. You became That Guy

There is always one. He has to get in all the photos, sing karaoke to every Bon Jovi song, orders round of shot for everyone at the bar and is the loudest talker in the place. He also has no problem using pick up lines like “how much does a polar bear weigh”. He might be a blast to go out with, but I bet he’s not going home with anyone. If everyone at the bar has noticed you, its probably not a good thing.


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