When you find your uncle online…. its time to get off (line)


As a single woman, I loved online dating. I could stalk my date and deem him worthy or not while lounging at home in my sweats. That is until my co-worker/arch nemesis showed up as a potential match. I learned he likes cuddling on the couch, loves his dog and is making at least $40k more then me (yea right). His ex wife left him for his brothers best friend, but he’s waaaay over it. I did what any mature grown up woman would do and forwarded it to my best friend and fellow co-worker. Then realized SHIT! He can see MY profile. He’ll learn I despise my job, am working on a novel and want 2.5 kids and I love sex in the morning (OKCupid.com asks some personal questions). Is that why he always asks me how my mornings went with that strange sly smile?

I promptly removed my dating profile.

As we move more and more into the digital age we need to protect our privacy and be cautious on what we display to the public. I live in a small suburb of Chicago and grew up in a small town. Word gets around. I’m not saying that online dating should be avoided- but think twice before posting. Is this something your arch nemisis can use against you at some point? Are you sharing to much information?

There are 150 single men in my town, per match.com – I bet I know at least 50 of them. I cringe at the idea of reading their dating profile. My uncle recently joined an online dating site. He loves it, fills out the blog, adds photos and takes the quizzes. He’s a great guy, but I don’t want to know that much about him. How many of you have seen a teacher, co-worker, boss or family members profile and just thought, EEK! At least with singles parties or bars, you can share your love of vintage postcards and stamp collecting with people of your choosing.

Check us out online www.MingleAround.com or www.facebook.com/minglearound. Being single doesn’t mean being bored. Get out of the house and Mingle Around!

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