Girlfriend… I’ve got 5 Reasons Why You are Still Single



1. You have a great job and talk a lot about it

Okay, cut me some slack here. I work, pay my own bills and take care of myself and am proud of it. So many of my sisters are in the same boat. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T! This is scary for some, if not most men. we are talking about finding a soul mate, a lover, a boyfriend, a future spouse or even just a FB. Your amazing job that you worked your ass of to get, put yourself through 8 years of schooling and have clawed your way to the top is hot, but give a guy a break here. Let them impress YOU. Being in a relationship means bye bye to a lot of the independence you have, letting the man be a man. If you come across as top dog all of the time you’re only going to find the followers.

2. You are a hot mess

Being a hot mess will probably get you laid. A lot. That’s like one of the rules of being a hot mess. Your ex-boyfriends were probably band members, writers, Harley riders and other fun things that makes life interesting. It’s all fun and games until you realize you want stability and a life long commitment. If you are looking for something a little more stable and long term you’ve got to get your life cleaned up. You might be the hottest thing on the block, but when you can’t pay your cell phone bill and your ex-boyfriend is threatening to take you to court for bashing out his car windows, you aren’t going to keep a stable man.

3. You are just a mess

Girls! When you are going out- dress up. Put on a little makeup, curl your hair and wear something nice. Throw away your turtlenecks and sweat pants and purchase something with a scoop neck line. I’m not saying you need to flaunt everything your mamma gave you, but men are a visual creature. You can be the sweetest and funniest girl in the place, but if you look a mess, the men are going to pass you over. Turn on What Not to Wear if you need some pointers.

4. Your life sucks

Your life might suck, but the cute guy who just bought you a drink doesn’t need to know that. If you keep talking about how crappy your life is and depressing it is to be you- trust me, he’ll agree and move on.

5. Your ex-boyfriend was amazing or a total jerk

He also had a 9 inch package, was partner in a major law firm, owned a beach house in Miami and got along great with his mother. If you find yourself discussing how great or horrible your ex was to anyone at the bar, maybe its not time for you to be out flirting yet. Just keep in mind that when you discuss an ex at any point in the night, the new guy is going to instantly realize you aren’t dating material.

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