Top 7 free online dating sites that you didn’t think of

Okay, for all you internet stalkers, I’ve made a list of seven internet dating sites you might not have thought of to meet a woman or to meet a man. Some of these sites are really free online dating sites and some of them are just great places to meet sexy or fun people online!

Now… please remember… after years of studying relationships and dating, I fully feel that the best relationships start off in person. Meet your next date at a Mingle Around event during a speed dating party or singles mixer.  Bringing online dating off-line!

Drumroll please…

1. OKCupid

Join OKCupid if only for the hilarious tests they offer for personality scanning! “How pure are you” is hilarious. They have a pretty good size membership base, the ads are at a minimum and the layout is hot.

Warning. A large percentage of OKCupid seems to be a little more “alternative or artsy singles”. Or maybe that’s just the ones I matched with.

2. Plenty of Fish

Free and huge. The crowd is little older. They have GREAT forums though. Active and local. You can’t beat free with a stick- so check out the online dating action here.

3. Craigslist

Yes, I said it. Craigslist gets such a bad name due to the hookers and all… but its local, its free and you don’t have to enter all your personal information such as height, weight, personal story etc. Plus its fun to scan and see all the crazy singles rant about dating life!

Warning- Craigslist is kinda like walking the alley home after the bar. Keep your eyes straight forward and be cautious when you talk to someone. There aren’t a lot of photos and there is a lot of spam.

4. Facebook

Yeah- we love Facebook for keeping in contact with friends, but did you ever think about Facebook stalking your friends hot friends? Not only do you get to see 100’s of usually intimate photos, but get updates on their life such as “wow… had breakfast early today” or “My man just dumped me… what ever will I do” Man- that’s the best time to e-mail her for a coffee date!


This is one of my personal favorites. Join groups you like online then meet people offline. Wonderful! The people you meet are really who they say they are and the website is not geared towards dating, so the un-comfort level is low!


Okay… I admit,this one might be a little creepy – but you can search for hotties online, then stalk them where ever they go. FourSquare is a cool new website that updates friends on other friends locations. So, get local and befriend everyone! Then when hottie Jen is in your ‘hood and tells everyone on FourSquare that the coffee at ABX coffee is great… then it’s time for you to take a coffee break!


Okay… shameless self advertising. I admit it. There is not a personals page on the company website, but you can become friends with our singles on our Facebook fan page, our MySpace page, our twitter page, our Yelp page, our FourSquare page and our Meetup page.

Then you can interact online with all of Mingle Around’s singles!



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