Dating younger men

That hot stud in the office wants to take you out tonight huh?  Some hip new club where the girls wear little more than two inches of fabric and heels 3 miles high? To see a band with a 8 word name that you’ve never heard of?

SHIT! What’s an older gal to do?

“I’m not a cougar.” you tell your best friend “I’m only a few years older than him… cougars wear clothing way to tight and have botox, fake breasts and lip implants, right?”

Your mind races… do you mention that you are probably 8 years older than him? Does he not realize that you are 38… And all you want to do on Friday night is curl up on your couch to watch the Netflix movie that just came in?

 Of course, you are flattered… I mean… normally you get hit on by the 56 year old Fed Ex driver and your friends dorkier friends…. But this is different. It’s fun. It’s exciting. You’ve been (dare I say) flirting with this hot young stud in the office for weeks now. ONLY because you never thought he was an option right?


Girl… every man over 18 and not married is an option! Don’t you forget it!

You’ve flirted with this young hot thing for weeks. Don’t pass it up! Maybe nothing will come of it but a fun night out. Maybe it will end in a long good night kiss. Maybe the night will be pure torture and you fake a migraine and leave early in a cab, but at least you GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE AND MINGLED!

Do you see where I am going with this? Every chance that isn’t going to hurt you, that isn’t morally or ethically wrong, should be taken. Who care’s if he’s a few years younger. Once you’re past that college age, we basically all want the same things. He wouldn’t have asked you out if he didn’t find you attractive and fun. Don’t let the age thing worry you. If he hasn’t asked how old you are, or if your age isn’t public knowledge, then don’t fret. Let him assume you’re 2 years younger. Heck… you spend all that money on anti-wrinkle cream for a reason right!?

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